Midnight sun Nordic adventure in the Arctic: Finland and Norway

Come and experience the culture of the Nordic Countries in 7 Days! Midnight sun Nordic adventure in the Arctic visiting Finland and Norway

Multi Activity
7 days
€3,099 to 3,599

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May – October / Departure: 8:30
Duration: 7 Days

The tour starts in Rovaniemi, Finland. You will go all the way to the north via Saariselkä and enter Norway. After entering Norway, you will go further north until the end of the world, the North Cape. On your way back, you will travel through Alta to Pello, Finland. Finally, the tour will end in Rovaniemi.

Come and experience the culture of the Nordic Countries in 7 Days. You will taste the Lappish cuisine, take an adventure in the arctic circle, visit the ancient amethyst mine, dig for gold at the river in Saariselkä, hunt for king crab in Norway and go to the best location in Arctic Circle, the North Cape, to watch the arctic spectacle – Midnight Sun. On your way back, you will visit the prehistoric rock painting, wander in the forest, take a rest on a private island and enjoy the view of Lapland from the plane. These 7 Days will be unforgettable!

Please note
At least 2 people are required for this tour to take place
Children under 14 must be accompanied by a paying adult
Please be ready and wait in your hotel lobby 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time
Infant under 4 is complimentary
Product may be canceled or rescheduled if the group size is smaller than 2 persons

Price Includes

  • Guide in English (other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese)
  • All the activities included in the itinerary
  • Breakfast / lunch
  • 6 nights in forest Chalet or Four Star Hotel
  • Hotel pickup/drop off is available from most hotels/apartments within 10km of Rovaniemi city center

Price Excludes

  1. Plane tickets

What to expect

Itinerary for Midnight sun Nordic adventure in the Arctic visiting Finland and Norway

Day 1 : Arrival to The Arctic Circle and Rovaniemi
The tour starts with a visit to the local reindeer farm. At the reindeer farm, you can try feeding the beautiful reindeer while hearing stories from the farmers about local life and the animals themselves. Enjoy the scrumptious traditional Finnish cuisine, and head to the mystic Arctic forest for a hike. Afterwards, cruise the river with style on a unique Sauna Boat; equipped with a wood-heated sauna. Enjoy the astonishingly beautiful Arctic landscapes from the boat as you bathe in the sauna beneath the golden midnight sun.

Day 2 : Amethyst Mine
The private car will take you to Luosto from your hotel, a city located 115 km away from Rovaniemi. The area contains beautiful forests and nature, where you can indulge yourself in the tranquility of the Arctic circle. The 20 million years old amethyst mine is located inside the ancient mountains. Climbing up the mountain you will meet professionals who will tell you the interesting history of the Amethyst Mine. With the support of them, use the tools to dig out your own piece of amethyst, which you can take with you for a small souvenir.

Afterwards, we will head to the town of Saariselkä, a beautiful civilization haven in the middle of Lappish wilderness. There we will climb to the top of a beautiful mountain, from where we will be able to enjoy the sparkling light of the Midnight Sun in all its glory.

Day 3 : Saariselkä, Finland
Explore Saariselkä with the help of our guide. Saariselkä is the spot where you can find the best gold in Europe. Enjoy the gold rusher feelings by gold mining in the wilderness surrounded by the forest and lakes. Professional instructors will teach you everything about mining methods. Of course, you can take with you the mined gold.

Taste a delicious Finnish cuisine for a lunch, and head to Norway! Take an opportunity to stroll around Kirkenes, and end your day with Norwegian cuisine.

Day 4 : North Cape
The famous King crab and other seafood are some of the delights that can be caught on this amazing trip to the Northernmost parts of the Arctic. A trained diver hunts for your lunch, including the highly prized king crab and sea urchins. Enjoy fresh crab meat for your special buffet lunch.

You will also have another big meal in the evening for your dinner. After filling yourself up with delicious food, head out to view a bright, warm, and magnificent midnight sun at North Cape.

Day 5 : Alta
You will be taken to the city of Alta, the town of the Northern Lights, where you can get to know the indigenous Sámi culture closely. Visit the ancient UNESCO protected rock carvings in Hjemmeluft aging back from 4,200 to 500 BC. In the city, you will also visit the modern-designed Cathedral of the Northern Lights. Spend your time freely after to enjoy the city to the fullest.

Day 6 : Pello
Pello is the fishing capital of Finland all year round: the numerous lakes of Pello (like Lake Miekojärvi) and the Tornio River offers great fishing experiences! Relax at the beach with calming water sound, listen to the birds chirping in the mystic forests, and enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of the lakes. Paddle smoothly through the peaceful water surface of Finnish lakes on your canoe.

Day 7 : Ending
In the last day of the tour, we will start by taking a boat to a peaceful private island, where we will spend a few hours fishing and enjoying a campfire. If we are lucky, we will be able to grill the catch of the day!

Once we are full, we will return to Rovaniemi. There we will enjoy a fun session of parasailing! For dinner and as the last thing in the Midnight sun Nordic adventure in the Arctic, we will enjoy the Finnish cuisine.


Midnight sun Nordic adventure in the Arctic: Finland and Norway: From €3,099 to €3,599 for 7 days

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