Frankenjura climbing camp in Germany: Klemen Becan coaching

Join this Frankenjura climbing holiday in Germany for Klemen Becan performance & technique coaching so you can climb harder, better and more!

Rock Climbing
8 days
€790 to 890

CLIMB MORE, CLIMB BETTER, CLIMB HARDER! One of the world’s best climbers and founder of Rockbusters will join forces to squeeze the best out of you on a Frankenjura climbing camp in Germany.

Rockbusters have joined the forces with one of the world’s best climber Klement Bečan to help you climb better and harder. This camp is specially tailored for those searching for a big push to speed up their progress towards a better climbing technique, more efficient mind set and a harder grade.

There is no better way to do so than in a group of motivated climbers sharing the same goals and being helped out by professional coaches and guides led by one of the best climbers in the world. Our team will make sure everybody gets what they need, not only through intensive one on one coaching on the crag, but also through recording and analyzing your climbing performance.

Frankenjura is large area in Bavaria, Germany with many small crags with grades for everyone. During this one month stretch we welcome all motivated climbers searching progress from beginners to experts. With two guides/coaches we are able to adjust our approach and coaching individually to your needs and will. During your stay we will accommodate you in rented camper vans to stay bit safer regarding the Covid-19 situation.

During this Frankenjura climbing holiday in Germany you will spend plenty of time on the rock, as well as listen to short, informal talks by Klemen. We will also film your climbing so that you can analyse the footage with Klemen in order to identify weaknesses and help you take your climbing to the next level.

The Klemen Bečan Sport Climbing Performance Workshop follows the traditional Rockbusters format of informal masterclasses. Led by Klemen as the head coach, our experienced team will ensure that everyone climbs as much they can and gets all the coaching they need.

Our course will offer you the opportunity to maximise your potential and develop your climbing skills at a very high pace. During the trip we will help you push your grade while teaching you how to maintain sustainable, long-term progress beyond our time together.

Klemen Becan’s coaching focuses on balance and movement, which will help both your physical and mental development as a climber. Whether you are a complete rookie or an experienced cranker, analyzing your movement patterns and attitude will instantaneously boost your skills and help you break through any plateau.

Whatever your level, with plenty of time to practice newly learned techniques, you will increase your confidence and perform better than ever. After just one week of coaching you to head home with a completely new, advanced skillset. The aim of our Klemen Becan coaching is to allow you to learn from the best and use their well tested techniques to progress your climbing.


Price Includes

  • Individualized coaching
  • Climbing safety equipment & gear
  • Airport pick up and drop off are organized by shared rental cars FREE of CHARGE
  • Transportation between crags FREE of CHARGE
  • Accommodation FREE of CHARGE

Price Excludes

  1. Transportation to Spain
  2. Travel & climbing insurance
  3. Food & drinks (group dinner can be purchased for €15 per meal)

What to expect

Here’s a little look at what to expect on the Frankenjura climbing holiday in Germany when you join our Klemen Becan Sport Climbing Performance Workshop:

Slab/vertical ground

Focusing on footwork, you will learn to find balance and use the most efficient and effective ways to propel your body up the rock without wasting energy. You will learn how to work with friction, make delicate steps and calculated, technical moves.

Overhangs techniques

You’ll develop and practise skills to help you handle climbing steeper rock faces. We will cover footwork and techniques such as drop knees, heel and toe hooks. A lot of time will be dedicated to the fine art of resting while climbing, as well as fighting “the pump”, both mentally and physically.

On-sight vs Red-Point strategies

Climbing onsight and projecting more difficult lines differs both physically and mentally. Klemen Bečan will cover the most effective strategies for success while onsighting or working a route over many days. You will have plenty of time to practice these and internalise the new skills.

As well as building confidence, strength and taking on some tough climbs, this is a Rockbusters course, so you can also expect a hefty dose of fun! We love what we do and that really comes across in all of our trips and programmes. And… we like to party almost as much as we like to climb, so get ready to have a blast on and off the rock. The informal, fun atmosphere of our courses is famous, but we never let this distract us from your climbing progression.

Daily schedule during Frankenjura climbing holiday in Germany with Klemen Becan coaching

8 – 10 am
Wake up, have a relaxing breakfast, coffee in local bakery. We will meet up at 10am to discuss the plan for the day so make sure you are ready to go!

10.30 am
All aboard! We pack into the van and head off to the crag.

11 am - 2 pm
Jump on some warm up climbs and start getting your body moving. Look up for some challenges for the day and figure out the beta. Of course there is always time for some cool coaching.

Lunchtime! Pull out your packed lunch and relax on Spanish sun with great Siurana/Margalef views. This is also a good time to snap some photos.

2.30 - 7pm
Back to climbing. Using what you learned in the morning, and our individualized coaching, start nailing the projects down.

7 - 8pm
Time to relax with a well-earned beer from one of the local climbing bars. We will re-group, discuss the highlights from the day and what the focus will be tomorrow.

Pour yourself some Spanish wine/beer and get something to eat. Who knows where the night will lead… Mañana más y mejor.

11 pm
There are no rules but most of us will be in bad this time!


Frankenjura climbing camp in Germany: Klemen Becan coaching: From €790 to €890 for 8 days

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