Everest Tibet Climb: 60-Day Trekking Holiday

Climb the uncrowded Everest Tibet North Col route on this adventurous 60-day trekking holiday.

60 days
$46,450 to 46,450
Everest Tibet Climb: 60-Day Trekking Holiday

Everest Tibet Climb is more remote and less crowded than the Nepal side. Join us for an unforgettable 60-day trekking holiday. April-June. 7 April to 5 June 2024 & 6 April to 4 June 2025. Join leaders David O’Brien and Dan Mazur (Dan has led 12 successful Everest expeditions), David is a very experienced and friendly leader who teaches you everything you need to know, to climb the world’s highest peak made famous by Mallory and Irvine in 1924. Dan led 100% of our team to the summit during our previous expedition and he is very friendly and a helpful teacher Climbing the Tibet side of Everest is cheaper, but reputed to be colder and windier than the Nepal side. Full Service Cost: $46,450. PRICE INCLUDES EVERYTHING FOR THE CLIMB AND THE WALK TO BASECAMP: EXPERIENCED BRITISH, AMERICAN, AND EUROPEAN LEADERS, HELPFUL EXPERT SHERPAS, FREE OXYGEN, AND FREE HOTELS.

Price Includes

  • British, American, and European leader/coordinator
  • 5 bottle set of oxygen, mask, hoses, and regulator (More oxygen available on request)
  • 1:1 Climbing Sherpa to member ratio
  • All internal / domestic transport
  • Full service trek to / from base camp
  • Three meals per day
  • Permit fees and liaison officers
  • Group gear, emergency equipment, satellite phone
  • Personal tents in basecamp (no sharing)
  • Double occupancy tents above base camp
  • Full base camp with dinning tent, showers, bathroom, and solar charging
  • Two nights stay in Kathmandu hotel on arrival and two nights prior to departure in a double room. Private rooms are available for a small additional fee.

Price Excludes

  1. International flights to/from Kathmandu
  2. Mountain climbing rescue and travel insurance
  3. Personal climbing equipment and clothing
  4. Extra Oxygen (available on request)
  5. Gratuities for staff
  6. Nepalese and Tibetan visas
  7. Cost of jeep transportation if leaving early

What to expect

Itinerary for the Everest Tibet climb: 60-day trekking holiday.

1) Arrive in Kathmandu, 1350 meters (4,429 feet). Go to hotel
2) Kathmandu – Go to Chinese embassy for visa, team orientation meeting, purchasing, packing, visit temples, city tour, shopping. Stay at hotel.
3) Early morning drive to Rusuwaghadi at 2557 meters (8,389 feet). Stay at hotel.
Lhasa option: Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa or if you are coming from a city in China, arrive in Lhasa on this day.
4) Enter Tibet, drive to Gyirong at 2700 meters (8,858 feet) Stay at hotel.
Lhasa option: Rest in Lhasa, tour Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, the most sacred building in all of Tibet.
5) Rest and acclimatization in Gyirong. Walk around the local hills. Stay at hotel.
Lhasa option: Drive to Shigatse. Rest and acclimate. Tour the surrounding area. Visit the 15th century Tashilunpo Monastery, the largest active monastic institution in Tibet.
6) Drive to Tingri, 4300 meters 14,108 feet. Stay at hotel.
Lhasa option: Drive to Tingri. Rest and acclimate, tour the surrounding area.
7) Rest & acclimatization in Tingri. Explore surrounding hills and beautiful meadows. See the restoration of the historical Buddhist temples. Stay at hotel.
8) Drive to Chinese basecamp, 5200 meters (17,060 feet). Camp.
9) Rest and acclimatization in Chinese base. Organize equipment and supplies.
10) Acclimatization hike near Chinese base. Meet the Lama and participate in a Puja ceremony.
11) Rest & acclimatization in Chinese base. Organize equipment and supplies.
12) Walk with the yaks halfway to interim camp, 5800 meters (19,029 feet).
13) Rest and acclimatization at interim camp.
14) Rest and acclimatization in interim camp.
15) Walk with the yaks to advanced base camp (ABC) at 6400 meters (20,9997 feet).
16) Training/rest day in ABC.
17) Training/rest day in ABC.
18) Climb partway up the North Col and return, camp in ABC.
19) Climb to the top of the North Col 7,000 meters (22,966 feet). Return to ABC.
20) Extra day in case of weather, acclimatization, etc.
21) Walk down to Basecamp.
22) Rest in Chinese base.
23) Rest in Chinese base.
24) Rest in Chinese base.
25) Climb to interim camp.
26) Climb to ABC.
27) Rest in ABC
28) Walk to camp 1. Sleep there.
29) Climb to camp 2, return to ABC.
30) Walk down to Basecamp.
31) Rest in Chinese base or drive to a lower village
32) Lower village. Explore historical temples and light hiking.
33) Rest in lower village.
34) Rest in lower village.
35) Lower village. Explore historical temples and light hiking.
36) Go back to Chinese base and rest.
37) Climb to interim camp.
38) Climb to ABC.
39) Rest in ABC.
40) Climb to camp 1. Sleep there.
41) Climb to camp 2, sleep there.
42) Climb to camp 3, sleep there.
43) Attempt summit if conditions allow.
44) Extra day for summit attempt.
45) Extra day for summit attempt.
46) Extra day for summit attempt.
47) Extra day for summit attempt.
48) Extra day for summit attempt.
49) Extra day for summit attempt.
50) Extra day for summit attempt.
51) Extra day for summit attempt.
52) Descend to Camp 1.
53) Descend to ABC.
54) Packing in ABC.
55) Walk to Chinese Base.
56) Packing in basecamp.
57) Early morning drive to Gyirong. Stay at hotel.
58) Early morning drive to Kathmandu. Stay at hotel.
59) In Kathmandu. Final packing, celebration, and say goodbye to new friends.
60) Fly home. Thank you for joining our Mount Everest Expedition


Everest Tibet Climb: 60-Day Trekking Holiday: From $46,450 to $46,450 for 60 days

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