Discover Senegal: 8-day West Africa Multi-Activity Holiday

Discover Senegal on an 8-day West Africa multi-activity holiday that includes historic islands to cultural treasures.

Multi Activity
8 days
$2,900 to 3,000

Embark on an enthralling 8-day West Africa multi-activity holiday through Senegal, a country where history, culture, and natural beauty seamlessly intertwine. The “Senegal Beyond Borders” tour promises an unforgettable tapestry of experiences, offering a glimpse into the soul of this extraordinary nation.

Our adventure begins in Dakar, Senegal’s vibrant capital, where the beating heart of the country pulses with life. Here, we delve into the rich history of Senegal as we explore the UNESCO-listed Goree Island. Stepping onto its shores feels like stepping back in time, as we contemplate the haunting history of the House of Slaves, a powerful reminder of Senegal’s past struggles and resilience.

Continuing our exploration of Dakar, we visit iconic landmarks that symbolize Africa’s resilience and strength. The imposing Renaissance Monument stands tall against the city skyline, representing the continent’s ongoing resurgence and determination to overcome adversity. At the Museum of Black Civilization, we dive deep into Senegal’s diverse heritage, uncovering treasures that span centuries of history and culture.

Leaving the bustling city behind, we journey to Pink Lake, a natural wonder renowned for its surreal beauty. Here, the high salt content of the water creates a mesmerizing pink hue, casting a magical spell over the landscape. As we float effortlessly in the buoyant waters, we are reminded of the extraordinary forces of nature that shape our world.

Adjacent to the Pink Lake lies the Bandia Game Reserve, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Embarking on a thrilling safari through the reserve, we encounter majestic creatures in their natural habitat, from graceful giraffes to powerful lions. Each sighting is a testament to the importance of conservation efforts in preserving Senegal’s rich biodiversity.

A highlight of our journey is our exploration of rural Senegal, where we immerse ourselves in the warmth and hospitality of local villages. Here, amidst the tranquil countryside, we forge meaningful connections with the Senegalese people, learning about their daily lives, traditions, and customs. This cultural exchange deepens our understanding of Senegal’s vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions, leaving an indelible mark on our hearts.

In Saint Louis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, colonial charms and vibrant markets beckon us to explore. As we wander through its narrow streets and historic squares, we are transported back in time to an era of grandeur and elegance. A serene riverboat excursion along the Senegal River offers us a glimpse into the rhythms of local fishing communities, while rich birdlife paints a vivid tableau against the tranquil waters.

As the journey concludes in Dakar, you’ll depart with cherished memories of an enriching exploration of Senegal’s history, culture, and natural wonders. The “Senegal Beyond Borders” tour promises a truly transformative experience, leaving you with a profound appreciation for this extraordinary country.

Price Includes

  • Arrival and departure support and guidance
  • Transfers between the airport and hotel for both arrival and departure
  • Private vehicle transportation
  • Proficient tour guides
  • Entrance fees to various attractions
  • Included meals are breakfast and water
  • Overnight in a luxury Hotel – Breakfast
  • Assistance with visa application

Price Excludes

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Meals not listed on the itinerary
  3. Personal expenses
  4. Cost of visa
  5. Gratity for Driver and Guide
  6. International flight

What to expect

8-day West Africa multi-activity holiday itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in Dakar, Senegal
Upon arrival at the Blaise Diagne International Airport in the morning around 10 am, your guide will warmly welcome you and assist you with airport clearance procedures. From there, you'll be escorted to your hotel for a brief rest. At noon, your guide will provide a comprehensive briefing on the exciting journey ahead while giving you a tour of the hotel to help you acclimate to the weather and surroundings. In the evening, you will enjoy a delicious local supper and lose yourself in Dakar’s lively atmosphere. Spend your evening in the Radisson Blu Hotel or similar for a night's rest.

Day 2: Goree Island - A Glimpse into History
Today, we embark on an early morning journey after morning breakfast. We set sail on the ferry to the UNESCO-LISTED GOREE ISLAND at 7 am. The ferry ride takes approximately 25 minutes, offering scenic views along the way. Upon arrival at Goree, we delve into its poignant history, including a visit to the renowned House of Slaves, a sobering reminder of the transatlantic slave trade.
In addition to exploring the island's historical landmarks, we'll have ample time to admire its picturesque architecture and soak in the unique atmosphere. We'll dedicate about 8 hours to thoroughly explore the city of Goree, uncovering its hidden gems and learning about its significance as a pilgrimage destination for the African diaspora. The Island of Goree serves as a focal point for cultural exchange and dialogue, fostering reconciliation and forgiveness.
As the day draws to a close, we'll return to Dakar, arriving back in the city at night. After a day filled with exploration and reflection, retreat to the comfort of the Radisson Blu Hotel to eat, rest and rejuvenate for the adventures that await us tomorrow.

Day 3: The Renaissance Monument & Museum of Black Civilization

On this day, after enjoying a hearty morning breakfast, we'll embark on a journey to visit the awe-inspiring Renaissance Monument, standing tall as the tallest monument in Africa and surpassing even the Statue of Liberty in the U.S.A. This bronze statue, perched on a hill in Dakar, Senegal, serves as a powerful symbol of African reawakening and resilience.
Later in the day, we'll delve into the richness of Africa's cultural heritage as we explore the Museum of Black Civilization. This museum showcases the diverse and vibrant history, art, and contributions of Black civilizations across the continent and beyond.
A little history about the black civilization: Black civilizations have flourished across Africa for millennia, with contributions spanning art, science, literature, and governance. From the ancient empires of Mali and Songhai to the intellectual achievements of Timbuktu and the vibrant cultures of West Africa, the history of Black civilization is a testament to resilience, innovation, and cultural richness.
After our explorations, we'll journey back to the hotel (Radisson Blu Hotel) to savour a delicious meal and rest for the night, reflecting on the day's discoveries and preparing for more adventures ahead.

Day 4: Pink Lake and Bandia Safari

Today, we have a delicious breakfast before setting out on a tour of the Pink Lake. This natural wonder provides an incredibly enthralling experience. It is well-known for its captivating pink tint, which is the result of a high salt concentration and special microorganisms. We'll get to see how the people in the area gather salt, marvel at the surreal scenery, and even float effortlessly on its buoyant seas. We'll be enthralled by Pink Lake's ethereal beauty and peaceful ambience as we lose ourselves in its calm and make lifelong memories. Later in the afternoon, our adventure continues as we head to the Bandia Game Reserve for more exciting fun. This reserve is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including majestic lions, graceful giraffes, and elusive leopards. As the sun sets on our day of exploration, we'll return to the comfort of our hotel in Dakar. Here, we'll indulge in a delicious meal, savouring the flavours of Senegalese after, rest for the night in the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Day 5: Rural Senegal Discovery

After breakfast, we start exploring rural Senegal. We visit villages and talk to the native people there. We learn about their daily life, traditions, and customs. Each chat helps us understand their culture better. We also join in their village plays like masquerades and storytelling, learning more about their traditions and customs. As the day cools down, we bid farewell to the friendly and open-hearted people we met. In the evening, we head back to our hotel, feeling happy about what we learned. We enjoy a delicious dinner, rest, and prepare ourselves for more adventures tomorrow in the hotel Radisson Blu Hotel

Day 6: Saint Louis - Colonial Charms

After breakfast, we eagerly set off to Saint Louis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site celebrated for its stunning colonial architecture. As we journey towards this historic city, anticipation fills the air, eager to immerse ourselves in its rich cultural tapestry. Arriving in Saint Louis in the afternoon, we are greeted by the grandeur of its well-preserved colonial buildings, each one telling a story of a bygone era. We take our time exploring the picturesque, quaint cafes and soaking in the unique ambience of this enchanting destination. As the day draws to a close, we find ourselves in Saint Louis where vibrant colors and lively chatter fill the air. We join in tasting some freshly cooked delicacies and some aroma of spices tantalizing our senses as we weave through the maze of stalls. We also get to experience the street performances and listen to some traditional music and dance adding to the lively ambience. In the evening we go to our hotel (Hotel Cap Saint-Louis) to enjoy a delicious Saint-Louis. After, rest for the next day.

Day 7: Saint Louis River Excursion
On this day, we embark on a scenic riverboat tour along the Senegal River, right after morning breakfast. On our way, we will float gently past beautiful views and charming villages by the river. While we're on the water, we see lots of different birds and maybe even some crocodiles sunning themselves on the riverbanks, making our peaceful trip a little exciting too. The gentle splashing of the water against the boat calms us down, making the atmosphere peaceful. As we keep going on our journey, we feel calm and amazed by all the beautiful nature around us. Every time the river turns, we see new amazing views that we'll remember for a long time. As the day unfolds, we get ready to depart from this amazing experience of a lifetime. In the evening we eat a delicious meal and rest for the night as we also reflect on all the experiences and trips, we have had. Hotel Cap Saint-Louis or similar.

Day 8: Departure
Enjoy your final morning in Senegal. Depending on your flight schedule, you may have some free time for last-minute exploration or shopping.
Depart from Dakar with cherished memories of your enriching Senegalese adventure.


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