Caribbean 7 Day Cruising Skill Builder Sail

Looking to improve your sailing skills? Join our Caribbean 7-day cruising skill builder sail!

7 days
$1,395 to 1,395

The Caribbean 7-Day Cruising Skill Builder Sail is aimed at those who want to improve their cruising and sailing skills. You will be involved in all aspects of running the boat including sailing, navigation, housekeeping etc…We will cover topics and skills needed to cruise a yacht throughout the Caribbean;
improved helming
efficient passage making
pilotage into and out of harbours, including night pilotage
downwind reefing.
Ondeck\’s racing yacht is a Farr 65, which competes in the Caribbean regatta season. She is a hands on sail boat and you will get to experience using a pedestal grinder. She has a full suite of North 3di sails plus spinnaker.

Juno sleeps up to 14 guests with bunks in the communal areas

Price Includes

  • 6 nights on board and food whilst sailing

Price Excludes

  1. Flights
  2. Transport
  3. Food off the yacht

What to expect

Caribbean 7 Day Cruising Skill Builder Sail: Sample Itinerary

Day One
You will join the yacht in the morning where we will run through a safety brief and a familiarisation tour of the boat. Our fast class will be on bouyage, aids to navigation and making pilotage plans. After lunch we will go sailing to work on our helming and manoeuvres. We will be out until after dark and will do our first night entry into English Harbour where we will tie up for the night.

Day Two
We will have a class on passage planning and navigation. Throughout the day we will sail the south coast of Antigua practising navigation and pilotage exercises. We will choose and navigate to an anchorage for dinner and then night sail to Jolly Harbour.

Day Three
Takes us from Jolly Harbour to North Sound marina putting to use the skills we have learned over the last few days to safely navigate through the reef and into the narrow channel to North Sound.

Day Four and Five
We will put together all we have covered and you guys will take over the boat and sail us to Dominica. It’s approximately 135 nautical miles and should take us around 24 hours to complete.

Day Six
Dominica to Deshaies, Guadeloupe. 12 hour sail

Day Seven
Guadeloupe to Antigua 8 hour sail.


Caribbean 7 Day Cruising Skill Builder Sail: From $1,395 to $1,395 for 7 days

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