Canada Johnstone Strait Kayak Expedition: Broughton Archipelago

Spend the 6-day Johnstone Strait Kayak Expedition paddling one of the most amazing kayak routes in Canada, North America.

6 days
CAD$2,195 to 2,195

The Johnstone Strait Kayak Expedition explores the best of the wildlife and culturally rich Broughton Archipelago & Johnstone Strait areas which are world-renowned destinations for whale watching. We camp in a new beautiful campsite each night and spend one night at the remote floating Paddlers’ Inn. The diversity of both paddling, environment, and wildlife, from tiny intertidal life up to humpback and orca whales, makes this a trip not to be missed.

After years of exploring the Broughton Archipelago and Johnstone Strait, we are confident we have put together a great trip allowing you to explore well beyond the reach of the typical sea kayaking circuit. You will thoroughly enjoy this one-way journey through the uncrowded northern Broughton Archipelago, exploring areas off the beaten path and spending a night at the remote Paddlers Inn for an extra special treat.

Price Includes

  • Professional guiding service
  • All kayak/safety and camping equipment
  • Meals and non-alcoholic beverages
  • One-night stay at floating wilderness lodge
  • One-way water taxi transport
  • Park and land use permits

Price Excludes

  1. Flights
  2. Hotel accommodation
  3. Ferries
  4. Car rentals
  5. Airport transfer

What to expect

Itinerary for Canada Johnstone Strait Kayak Expedition: Broughton Archipelago

Rise and shine! An adventure awaits you. Meet your guide team in Alder Bay and hop onto our water taxi for the 1.5hr ride up to the Paddlers Inn— a floating wilderness lodge tucked deep into the Broughton Wilderness.

Upon arrival, your guides will give a brief orientation on the lodge and general safety. Head out on the water for an afternoon paddle before enjoying a hearty meal prepared fresh by your multi-talented guides.

It's time to launch! Pack all your gear into your kayak and begin your first leg of the journey to our first campsite. Enjoy the stunning scenery around every corner and keep an eye out for iconic Canadian wildlife along the way.

Set up your tent for the first time, and soak up the sunset while enjoying a tasty dessert before snuggling into your sleeping bag for the night.

Wake up to the smell of breakfast and fresh ground local coffee. It's time to move to our new campsite! Paddle through the beautiful Broughton Archipelago, filled with intricate island chains and meandering waterways. Listen for the telltale sign of whales around— their distinct blows.

Wake up on the shores of a tiny island surrounded by lush forests and shorelines teeming with life. Hear the sounds of sea lions as they forage or patient shorebirds waiting to dive for unassuming prey. Slip back into your kayak for another day filled with being immersed in the vibrant natural world.

Cross the incredible Blackfish Sound, well-known for its namesake: Orca (also locally referred to as blackfish). Moving from the sheltered archipelago into larger waterways means more opportunity to view wildlife and marine mammals as they transit throughout the area.

Set up camp for your final night, enjoy the sunset with new friends and soak up magical moments.

It's the final day of your adventure. Wake up at your final campsite, soak up the beautiful surroundings and pack up your campsite for the last time. Paddle across Johnstone Strait and celebrate your accomplishment upon your arrival in Bauza Cove!


Canada Johnstone Strait Kayak Expedition: Broughton Archipelago: From CAD$2,195 to CAD$2,195 for 6 days

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