Batopilas Private 3 Day Tour: Copper Canyon, Mexico

You’ll experience real adventure as you travel the Copper Canyon in Mexico from Creel in the high sierra to Batopilas Canyon.

Multi Activity
3 days
MXN$18,560 to 18,560

On the Batopilas Private 3 Day Tour, you will travel through Copper Canyon, in Mexico covering 350 kilometres on the back roads and watch the amazing scenery unfold before you as you ‘step back in time’ when visiting this old silver mining village at the bottom of Batopilas Canyon on this fully guided and completely private 3-day tour.

You’ll enjoy passing through 3 different climate zones, beginning in the upper sierra at over 7,500 feet, to end at the bottom of Batopilas Canyon at just above sea level.

You’ll visit the Cusarare area en route and once in Batopilas, you\’ll also visit the Lost Cathedral of Satevo, the ruins of Hacienda San Miguel and take a walk along the old aqueduct to see the tropical birds that nest there such as the Mot Mot, Squirrel Cuckoo and Trogan.

Upon return to the upper sierra, you\’ll make stops in the Valley\’s area as well to see more of the best sights around Creel.

This 3-day tour encompasses all sights seen on 5 of our different single-day tours over 3 days, including: the Around Creel Tour, the Cusarare Tour, the Combo Tour, the Copper Canyon Tour and the 4 Canyons and More Tour.

*You must pay for your own hotel and meals during this 3-day tour as well as any entrance fees required to go through Raramuri Indian land. A variety of hotels at all budget levels are available in Batopilas and you can book them online via an OTA. You can also book the Indian toll fees and a delightful, luxurious picnic lunch with wine for the way down to Batopilas as optional Add-Ons during the booking process with The 3 Amigos Adventures.

* Pricing is the same for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people and is private to your particular booking party. If you have more than 4 people, then you\’ll be charged a per person rate of $4,640 pesos per person. We recommend groups of 4 people or fewer in order to have the most in-depth experience.

This tour begins and ends in Creel.

-See Cusarare & San Ignacio Mission’s
-Visit Cusarare Waterfall in the Cusarare Ejido
-Drive through Basihuare & Copper Canyons
-Drive through Humira & Batopilas Canyons
-Enjoy walking through the streets of Batopilas, a Magic Town and old silver mining village
-Walk to the Lost Cathedral of Satevo (8kms)
-Hike along the old aqueduct (part of the Silver Trail) in Batopilas
-Walk around the ruins of Hacienda San Miguel from the silver mining era
-Try to sight the Mot Mot, Military Macaw, Trogan & the Squirrel Cuckoo’s that nest in the area
-Cross through 3 different climate zones from pine forest to deciduous forest to sub-tropical
-Visit the Batopilas History Museum to see photos from the silver mining days and the annual Silver Trail Reenactment photos
-Visit the Valley of the Mushrooms, Frogs, Monks, and Lake Arareko in the San Ignacio Indian Ejido

*The 3 Amigos Adventures offers a complimentary concierge service to help you with your trip design to the Copper Canyon. Please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you with logistics, as well as recommending which tours work best with the time you have, and which hotels we recommend for the best experience.

Price Includes

  • Bilingual, historian, private guide for 3 days
  • Clean, well maintained and private vehicle for 3 days
  • Snack basket, bevy of cold beverages

Price Excludes

  1. Any personal items
  2. Hotels throughout 3-day tour
  3. Gratuity
  4. Raramuri Indian toll booth fees. (you can include the fees during the booking process as Add-Ons.)
  5. Meals throughout 3-day tour (lunch on way down available as an optional Add-On during check-out process.)

What to expect

Itinerary for the Batopilas Private 3 Day Tour in the Copper Canyon, Mexico

Day 1: Creel to Batopilas

You\'ll depart Creel at 8:30amish to visit the Cusarare area in route to Batopilas today, or the Valley\'s area depending on weather conditions, timing and other factors. Please be ready and waiting at your hotel reception area 15 minutes before departure time so we can stay on schedule as there is much to see today and the drive will be long, though the views will inspire you. You\'ll be descending today from over 7,500 feet to just above sea level when you arrive in Batopilas at 400 meters. If you do not wish to include one of the optional lunches today (see Add-Ons during check out), then you must bring your own lunch and snacks for the day as this is back canyon country and there is nowhere to stop en route for a meal.

Upon arrival in Batopilas, your guide will help you check-in to your chosen hotel and then walk with you to the nearby restaurant for dinner that he\'ll help you arrange.

Day 2: Batopilas Sightseeing

Enjoy breakfast on your own (some hotels include it) then you\'ll be driven to the Lost Cathedral of Satevo, just 8kms outside of Batopilas where you\'ll hear about the history of this unusual cathedral from your guide. Optional walking is available for those who enjoy it. Afterwards, you\'ll be driven onto the ruins of Hacienda San Miguel to see what is left of the great mining empire belonging to the American Alexander Shepherd who made his fortune in the mines of Batopilas.

You\'ll be driven back to Batopilas to the hotel where you can enjoy some free time and have lunch on your own at one of the Batopilas Restaurant\'s such as Carolina\'s or Dona Mica\'s on the small plaza. After lunch, your guide will take you on an optional walk along the old aqueduct where you\'ll hear about how it was built to provide Batopilas, as the 2nd town in all of Mexico, with electricity. There you may be able to see many endemic birds to the region as they nest along it due to the water supply.

After your walk, you will have the rest of the day at leisure to enjoy a visit through the Batopilas Museum where the operator there will tell you about the history of Batopilas, more about the Shepherd\'s and you can see the permanent exhibit by Creel local photographer, Ivan Fernandez, that depicts the annual reenactment of the Silver Trail Ride that was done to transport silver from the mines in Batopilas to the bank in Chihuahua City over a grueling 13 days.

Day 3: Batopilas to Creel

Your guide will take you to have breakfast in town somewhere (unless it is included at your chosen hotel), then you\'ll head back to Creel. You\'ll visit whichever area you failed to see on the trip down the canyons. You should bring along some snacks with you today as arrival time in Creel will depend on how many stops you make en route for photos and sightseeing, but you should arrive in time for a late lunch.


Batopilas Private 3 Day Tour: Copper Canyon, Mexico: From MXN$18,560 to MXN$18,560 for 3 days

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