Aurora overlanding tour to Abisko, Kiruna and Lofoten Islands

Hunt the Northern Lights during this unforgettable Aurora overlanding tour to Abisko, Kiruna and Lofoten Islands in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

8 days
€3,899 to 4,599

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Departure: 9:30 (Departure may adjust according to different seasons)
Duration: 8 Days

This trip is suitable for people of all ages and is perfect for Northern Lights hunting. Rovaniemi in Finland, both Abisko and Kiruna in Sweden and the Lofoten Islands in Norway are the best places to see the Northern lights. You will get the chance to see the amazing Northern Lights during this trip!

The pure land in the Arctic Circle, Abisko, must be visited once in a lifetime. The Northern Lights can be seen very often and very bright, and cross-country skiing is a very popular activity. Additionally, people can hike to the top of a nearby mountain to have a panoramic view of the place. The Abisko National Park is a paradise for animals, there are many birds, storks, squirrels, lemmings, reindeer, etc. It is also the starting point of the famous hiking path, King of the Road.

Known as the paradise on earth, the Lofoten Islands are famous for their exceptional fisheries, natural attractions and small villages. The Lofoten Islands are scattered around the turbulent Norwegian Sea, revealing the beauty of nature. There are mountains, bottomless fjords, lively seabird gathering grounds. If you want to see the breathtaking nature and the Northern Lights, Lofoten Islands will be perfect!

Please note
At least 2 people are required for this Aurora overlanding tour to Abisko, Kiruna and Lofoten Islands to take place

Children under 14 must be accompanied by a paying adult
Please be ready, and wait in your hotel lobby 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time
Infant under 4 is complimentary
Product may be canceled or rescheduled if the group size is smaller than 2 persons paying full price

What do I need to bring?
A valid driver’s license is required to drive the snowmobiles.

Price Includes

  • Guide in English (other languages available on request: Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese)
  • Use of Winter clothing (overall, boots and gloves)
  • All the activities during this Aurora overlanding tour to Abisko, Kiruna and Lofoten Islands
  • Transportation between your hotel/accommodation, the activity place

Price Excludes

  1. Plane tickets

What to expect

Itinerary for aurora overlanding tour to Abisko, Kiruna and Lofoten Islands

Day 1 : Helsinki
In the first day, we will pick you up in Helsinki and we will have a nice breakfast in the city. We will then take the ferry to the old castle: Suomenlinna, and enjoy a visit to this ancient fort, where we will learn about its important history in the defense of Helsinki. After this walk around history, we will return to the city to have a nice lunch and try the tasty traditional cuisine! Once we are full, we will have a stroll in the old traditional market. After the market we will meet Jean Sibelius, one of the most relevant Finnish composers, in his monument at the Sibelius Park. We will have a chance to relax and have a coffee by the ocean, and once we have our recharged our batteries, we will visit the Rock Church, excavated directly into solid rock.

After this exciting day, we will take Santa´s train to Rovaniemi, and once there we will take you to your accommodation.

Day 2 : Rovaniemi
During your first day in Rovaniemi, we will give you some free time to relax and walk around. As a first activity of the day, we will drive you to the top of Rovaniemi´s hill, Ounasvaara, from where we will enjoy a beautiful sunrise view. Then we will take you to a Sámi reindeer farm, where you will meet these iconic animals and also, go on a fun and exciting sleigh ride with them! For lunch you will taste a delicious reindeer burger, before we head to the most popular attraction in Rovaniemi, Santa Claus Village! In his village, you will meet the most famous and lovely character of the arctic, Santa himself. You will love this wonderful experience through the attractions of the village. In the evening, you will cross the Arctic Circle and receive a certificate. Then we will go into the forest for dinner: we will prepare a forest campfire grill for you.

As the last activity of the day, you will have to choose between relaxing with a traditional Finnish sauna, an ice sauna or both. You can combine your sauna experience with a swim in a frozen lake!, also a Finnish tradition. During the experience in the lake and if we are lucky, we will be able to see the Northern lights shining over our heads!

Finally, we will take you to your hotel so you can rest for the next day.

Day 3 : Arctic
Today we will start the day with a visit to a husky forest farm, where we will go on one of our most exciting activities, a 10 km sled ride through the snowy forest! This adventure will take some time and energy, so right after we finish, we will take a break so you can have lunch (not provided).

As we finish in the farm, we will go to our next adventures, including a tour through the forests of the Arctic Circle on snowmobile, ice fishing, a forest picnic with a campfire grilling, Ice floating... and for dinner, we will go to a log cabin. Once we are full, we will surprise you the last experience of the day, we will go on the hunt for Northern lights in a Aurora nest! We will pull the cabin with our snowmobiles, while you relax under the starry sky.

Day 4 : Abisko
On our fourth day, we will travel to Abisko, a beautiful town in a breathtaking landscape in north Sweden. Abisko is one of the best places to see the Northern lights, and because it is surrounded by mountains, the temperature is usually warmer than other places. After spending the first part of the day walking and visiting the highlights of Abisko, we will take a break, so we can have lunch (not included). Afterward, we will visit the Aurora Sky Station, one of the best high points from where you can see Northern lights! After this fantastic show, we will enjoy some snacks over a bonfire in the snow.

(Dinner and accommodation for this day are not provided)

Day 5 : Vikings
Today we will embark in an epic trip, full of the adventure and action that characterized the vikings! We will start the day by sailing through a fjord, and then we will head to the Lofoten Islands. In this paradise on earth, we will enjoy a lunch inspired by the Viking cuisine. If you are curious about the Vikings, it´s your lucky day! We will visit the Viking Museum, and once we finish the visit, we will try our luck hunting Northern Lights from the fjords.

(Hotel not provided)

Day 6 : Whales and Islands
Today we will enjoy a majestic view. The ocean arctic whales in their natural habitat. After this amazing experience, we will continue to a tour through the incredible Norwegian islands, and when the night falls over us, we will try our luck hunting Northern lights from the fjords.

(Lunch, special car service and hotel not provided)

Day 7 : Kiruna
We will take the first part of the day to say goodbye to the wonderful Lofoten Islands. But this doesn´t mean we can´t enjoy a nice trip through fjords all the way to the snow city, Kiruna, Sweden. Once in Swedish Lapland, we will visit an stunning Ice Castle. We will be amazed by it´s cold architecture and all the wonder it has to offer and, by the time it gets dark, we will head into the forest. We will try to escape the lights in order to maximize our chances of hunting Northern Lights! While we wait in the forest, we will light a fire to warm ourselves up and enjoy some snacks.

(Lunch, dinner and hotel not included)

Day 8 : The end
On our last day of out Aurora overlanding tour to Abisko, Kiruna and Lofoten Islands. We will sadly have to bid farewell to the northernmost parts of Lapland and return to Rovaniemi. After the trip, you will have free time to relax around the city and enjoy your last moments in the home of Santa Claus. Then, we will take you to the airport or train station and say goodbye.

(Lunch not included)


Aurora overlanding tour to Abisko, Kiruna and Lofoten Islands: From €3,899 to €4,599 for 8 days

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