Andes MTB tour: 1 week Argentina mountain biking holiday

This fantastic Andes MTB tour in Argentina in the heart of Patagonia. This 1 week Argentina mountain biking holiday is the riding adventure of a lifetime

Mountain Biking
10 days
€1,163 to 1,163
Andes MTB tour: 1 week Argentina mountain biking holiday

We won’t be crossing the border to Chile but on our Andes MTB tour of Argentina we will be riding very near to it. In this 1 week Argentina mountain biking holiday we use almost forgotten paths and gravel roads for our tour. These are hardly kept “alive” and we get to know one of the most beautiful places in Argentina.

This bike ride will take us along the “Barrancas” river in the first three days, going up to 9.000ft. Then it take us to Varvarco Andean and pristine lagoon. Surrounding Domuyo mtn. the highest in Patagonia (15.000ft) and enjoying the thermal waters coming from underneath will be outstanding.

Therefore will let us enjoy the only geysers in Argentinean Andes! It’s a demanding mtb ride as we gather more tan 12.000ft elevation gain in the first three days. Landscapes and views will pay by far the effort giving back a great experience.

Price Includes

  • 18 seater van equipped with TV and video
  • three to five support 4×4 equipped with two-way communication radio (everyday, with on-board service, including granola bars, fruits when possible, and other snacks and drinks)
  • Mountain bike transportation during the extent of the tour
  • Bilingual Tour Leaders, equipped with two-way radios, and local guides
  • Mechanical assistance and spare bike
  • All meals, at campsites, hotels or restaurants (except meals while on transit, dinner on Day 1 and Day 8)
  • Support staff in charge of setting up camp and preparing meals every day of the tour
  • All accommodations: While camping, our comfortable 2-person tents (individual tents are available – please inquire), with dining structural tent, latrine tents, and comfortable camping equipment including tables, chairs and dining ware.
  • Two hotel nights in Chos Malal, Neuquen (Arg), with double or triple occupancy (single supplement is available – please inquire)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Daily Trip Information Notes, with maps, routes and detail on the region
  • Pre-trip information package with details on how to prepare, what to bring, and more detailed information

Price Excludes

  1. Meals not detailed in the program, drinks, alcohol drinks,
  2. Air tickets, transfers not detailed in the tour program, bike parts, phone calls, laundry expenses and personal expenses
  3. MTB Rental

What to expect

1st day: Our Andes MTB tour in Argentina starts with a meet & greet in Chos Malal, left time to prepare the Bikes, walk in town and rest. Hotel Included and dinner not included in the tour price.

2nd day: Our 1 week Argentina mountain biking holiday starts! Early in the morning we do a 78 miles/2 hours transfer from Chos Malal to Barrancas. After setting the bikes and receiving a briefing of the tour we start cycling northwest. We’ll ride two kilometers on paved roads until getting into gravel roads and jeep tracks until the end of the journey. The start is quite challenging, as we start at 3.600ft over the sea level and in few miles we’ll get to “Batra lauquen” lagoon. After twelve miles we’ll be already at 5.000ft and the volcanic views will be amazing.

3rd day: Today we venture deeper in the Andes Mountains. We’ll find very far away little ranches where local settlers raise sheep and goats. The elevation gain graphic is a little bit fanciful: In the first 27 miles we’ll only climb 1.600ft, and in the last 8 miles we’ll climb another 1.600ft. Following the mountain road we’ll pass by “Cari Lauquen” Lagoon, a beautiful blue mirror, home of lots of different water birds.

4th day: Today we start the ride with a gentle and soft uphill, but that doesn’t last for long! We leave “Barrancas” River valley and we enter “Los Nevados” stream valley and we’ll climb until getting to the headwaters! This uphill will be the most demanding of the tour which will take us to the roof of the tour in almost 11 miles. The uphill through this narrow valley will make us crossing tiny water streams and will take us to a breathtaking mountain scenery

5th day: During nearly 16 miles we’ll ride with no vehicle support and we’ll carry our gear until meeting our support vehicles again. When this path meets the “Varvarco” river we’ll have assistance to cross the river with our bikes. Once on the other side, we’ll pass by “Ailinco” Chapel until getting to “Puesto Valdez” where we’ll camp. Today our effort will be very well payed: “Aguas Calientes” is not far away and as a perfect end to a day on this 1 week Andes MTB tour in Argentina we’ll have the chance to enjoy a hot thermal mountain sparkling bath.

6th day: After breakfast we leave towards “Varvarco” and only 4 miles afterwards we take a detour to the right and we´ll start uphilling on the west side of “Domuyo” mtn. We’ll leave bikes and do a short twenty minutes hike to see the sole geysers in Argentina, named “Los Tachos”. After shooting our best pics we get back to the main road and keep heading south. It’s mainly down although there will be a couple of short but steep uphills at “Covunco” and “Atreuco” stream dales.

7th day: In our last day of our 1 week Argentina mountain biking holiday, we leave “Varvarco” and keep riding south through a very likeable narrow road that goes along the “Neuquen” river and it’s surrounded by pine forests. Today we’ll ride between 3.600 and 4.200ft but as we’ll go constantly up and down we’ll gather more than 3.600ft elevation gain.

8th day: Depart to Buenos Aires from Chos Malal. On the way to Buenos Aires we’ll pass through Neuquen city (The nearest airport). Arrival to Buenos Aires early in the morning of Sunday Day 9


Andes MTB tour: 1 week Argentina mountain biking holiday: From €1,163 to €1,163 for 10 days

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