8-Day Skiing Holiday for Beginners in Slovenia

This 8-Day Skiing Holiday for Beginners in Slovenia is designed for those new to the sport who want to take their first steps into skiing.

8 days
£1,350 to 1,350
8-Day Skiing Holiday for Beginners in Slovenia

This 8-Day Skiing Holiday for Beginners in Slovenia is specifically designed for those who have barely stepped foot on a piste or may have never done so before. No prior experience is needed. We understand that people struggle to find a starting point when it comes to skiing. Many fail to give it a go due to high speeds, harsh weather, worries of falling over and having to delicately circumnavigate. We will be with you every step of the way so that you can have a personal and enjoyable journey into skiing.

We are based entirely in Slovenia, it may not be the best-known ski destination in the Alps, but in comparison with the resorts of the ‘big 4’, France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, it provides a significantly better learning environment. Few to zero queues, the pistes are sparsely populated and there are no unforgiving jet-set crowds. This allows you to relax, enjoy the view and concentrate on developing your technique with confidence.

This beginner skiing course will be directed and overseen by the former Slovene National Team Member David De-Costa, one of Slovenia’s highest-regarded ski instructors. David and his team have a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in training alpine champions. You will receive 1:1 and 1:3 time with our instructors; benefitting from both individual and peer learning.

Course Content:

– Apparel, equipment selection, set up and use
– Mountain culture, piste etiquette, FIS rules and practices
– Effective warm-ups and stretching for skiing
– Piste navigation and awareness of others
– Correct posture and movement
– Basic stopping and turning
– Wide and short turns
– Control of speed over various terrain
– Controlled downhill sliding
– Turning with greater efficiency laying the foundations for future parallel skiing
– Peer leadership on blue pistes

Everybody’s aims and aspirations can be considerably different, but we aim to have everybody leave their time with us with the following:

– a good overview of apparel and equipment selection, set-up, and use
– a solid overview of mountain culture, piste etiquette, practice, and basic FIS rules
– the ability to safely navigate blue pistes independently
– the ability to confidently stop in a multitude of places
– the ability to sidestep and slide down a piste
– the ability to perform both short and long turns at varying speeds
– the ability to turn using ‘wedge bends’ laying the foundations for future parallel turns

Price Includes

  • Full access to local fitness and wellbeing centres
  • Arrangements for equipment hire on request
  • All transport arrangements whilst in Slovenia/Austria
  • A 3* single room in traditional accommodation for 7 nights
  • Breakfast and evening meals
  • Professional coaching and instruction
  • All gondola and mountain passes
  • Full access to resorts, bars, and restaurants

Price Excludes

  1. Flights
  2. Equipment hire fees
  3. Lunch
  4. Bar Bills/Alcohol

What to expect

8-Day Skiing Holiday for Beginners in Slovenia

The winters in Slovenia are incredibly cold and can be quite harsh, with temperatures of 0c and substantially below both on and off the slopes. To be suitably equipped for the snow please bring the following on your learn to ski holiday in Slovenia:

- Thermals
- Gloves
- Thick, warm socks
- Other warm clothing items such as hats, scarves, etc
- A ski jacket and pants (or reasonable apparel substitutes)
- Eyewear such as ski goggles and sunglasses
- Appropriate footwear for rough terrain, deep snow, and ice


Day 1: Arriving in Slovenia, the team at Ljubljana Airport will meet you. From here we’ll take a short drive to the small town of Topolšica on the outskirts of Velenje to Turisticna Pirnat, your home for the week. During the late afternoon, you’ll be given a tour of the local area. There is a round loop from your accommodation containing shops, restaurants and bars and an extensive spa/gym complex.

We will discuss ski-specific apparel choices, weather conditions, and equipment set-up in the evening. This is a great chance to get to know your instructors.

Day 2: Today we will suit up and get out on the slopes.

During the late afternoon, your time will be your own. We want you to put what you have learnt into practice and have fun on the slopes. Our instructors will still be on hand if needed.

Days 3-7: From day three onwards, your itinerary will vary dependent on the pace at which you are developing. Our instructors will continue to choose the best ways to help advance your skills over the course of the week. You will also have the opportunity to ski independently if you wish.

During the mid-week point, you’ll have the opportunity to take a day off the slopes and head to the tranquil Lake Bled for a change of scenery and cultural experience.

Day 8: All good things must come to an end, and we’ll head as a group to Ljubljana Airport to say our goodbyes.

Please note that on this trip, you will be staying in traditional alpine accommodation in a shared double room whereby you may be partnered with another person (people will default to staying with a person of the same gender unless both individuals have specifically stated they don’t mind). The rooms have ‘double-single’ beds that are connected via the bed frame, however, you have fully separate mattresses and duvets.

If you are not comfortable sharing a room and wish to have your own, we can arrange that per trip numbers. You can guarantee yourself a private single room for a fee.

This course will run at certain times throughout the ski season, however, it is available upon request for groups simply by contacting us beforehand.


8-Day Skiing Holiday for Beginners in Slovenia: From £1,350 to £1,350 for 8 days

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