7 Day Via Francigena Trekking Holiday in Italy

Join us on a spectacular 7 Day Via Francigena trekking holiday in Italy. This famous route taken by pilgrims will take you from Fidenza to Pontremoli

7 days
€591 to 591

Join us on a spectacular 7 Day Via Francigena trekking holiday in Italy. This famous route taken by pilgrims will take you from Fidenza to Pontremoli.

Your journey begins in the silence of a church: in front of you, the reliefs of the Fidenza cathedral, a tale of pilgrims and knights forever carved in stone.

One of these pilgrims will be your companion throughout your walk – it’s the official symbol of Via Francigena, a tiny pilgrim indicating the right way to fellow pilgrims through the itinerary’s official signs.

From Fidenza begins your walk across the Appennines, through the hills around Parma and the Appennine Pass of the ancient Monte Bardone hill, the modern day Passo della Cisa. Tough ascents alternate with incredible views – first on the plains of Lombardy and then on Lunigiana, the mysterious and Medieval side of Tuscany.

And right into Lunigiana you walk once past the Tuscan gate of Via Francigena: the last day of walking leads to Pontremoli through enchanted forests and out-of-a-fairytale Medieval bridges.


Practical Info

You can find more information in the “accommodation” section: we always select your accommodation for their character and comfort. You will always be booked in a private, en-suite room, with breakfast included.

Luggage transfer (max. 20 kg) from one hotel to the hotel is included in the price.

From Bergamo-Orio al Serio (BGY), you can

get to Milano Centrale railway station by bus and reach Fidenza by direct train;
get to Bergamo railway station and catch a train to Fidenza, with change in Milano.

From Milano airports (MXP, LIN), Bologna airport (BLQ) and Verona airport (VRN), get to the central railway station, where you can catch a train to Fidenza (not direct in case you are travelling from Verona).

On departure from Pontremoli, you can reach Bergamo, Milano, Bologna and Verona by train (not direct).

Price Includes

  • Nights in double room in **/*** hotels , B&B and agriturismi with breakfast
  • luggage transportation from hotel to hotel
  • maps and detailed description of the itinerary
  • Pilgrim Passport
  • Medical and luggage travel insurance
  • 24h phone assistance

Price Excludes

  1. Transfers to the starting location and from the arriving location of the tour
  2. lunches and dinners, if not otherwise stated.
  3. visits and entrance fees - tips
  4. personal expense
  5. possible sojourn taxes
  6. everything that is not mentioned in the "What is included" section.

What to expect

7 Day Via Francigena Trekking Holiday in Italy Itinerary:

Day 1: Fidenza
Your journey begins in Fidenza, a very important city for Via Francigena: the European Via Francigena Association has its seat here, and in this Cathedral walks the little pilgrim that has become the symbol of the itinerary. His eternal pilgrimage is carved in the stone, together with a caravan of pilgrims and knights.

Day 2: From Fidenza to Medesano, 22 km
Ready to set off? Today you are up for a nice hilly trek, among history and myth. On your way, the Pieve di Cabriolo, dedicated to the Canterbury Archbishop Beckett: here you can learn about the fascinating history of this place and the man it is dedicated to, involving none other than the Templar Knights.

You then coast the ruins of the Costamezzana Castle - a suggestive place, perfect to photograph - or even draw, if that is your thing - with its circular tower that still rises among the trees.

From here, follow the itinerary up and down the hills to reach Medesano, today's destination.

Day 3: From Medesano to Sivizzano, 19 km
Your journey continues, as you walk on the Parma hills: step after step you reach the river Taro and then Fornovo, where you can stop for a short visit to the cathedral. Its facade - apparently very simple - hides Medieval reliefs to be found and interpret, rich with mysterious symbols and apocaliptyc scenes.

Today's destination is Sivizzano, where you spend the night in a cozy bed and breakfast.

Day 4: From Sivizzano to Berceto, 24 km
Pack some snacks before setting off, because today's stage is among the toughest - but also the nicest - of the whole itinerary.

On your way you find Bardone and Terenzio - tiny sleepy villages, stone houses surrounded by hills and woods, with ancient churches of timeless beauty. From here, you ascend towards the Casola Castle and continue through peaceful and fragrant coniferous forests, before setting foot on the cobbled streets of Cassio.

From here, 10 more kilometers on asphalted road (or a transfer) lead you to Berceto, a small Medieval jewel, your last overnight stay before entering Tuscany.

Here you can recharge with the local specialty, pattona or castagnaccio: a flat cake made with chestnut flour and pine nuts, a typical grandma-made dessert, nourishing and rustic - like the land that is welcoming you.

Day 5: From Berceto to Previdè, 18 km
Serve yourself another slice of castagnaccio for breakfast, because there is another good climb awaiting out of that door: first through country roads and forests paths, then on secondary asphalted roads, towards the Cisa Pass.

The ground resists under your feet, your legs struggle with the ascent, but don't forget to take a look around: you are surrounded by incredible views on Lunigiana, and Mount Valdoria is the best point to admire them and have a snack and some water, before facing the last climb of the day.

Finally, the pass. As you start descending, enjoy the views and soften your steps - you deserve it. A great night of sleep await in Previdè, a peaceful hamlet immersed in the nature of Lunigiana.

Day 6: From Previdè to Pontremoli, 10 km
From Previdè you walk long sections of forest paths immersed in nature, through small villages like Groppadalosio with its picture-perfect medieval bridge and Casalina, with the stone houses and the tiny dome on the bell tower.

Finally, enjoy the exhilarating descent towards Pontremoli - one of our favourite places, a city of bridges and "Stele Statues": we highly suggest a visit to the dedicated museum, housed in the imposing Pontremoli castle, to learn more about these famous and peculiar locals

The best way to celebrate the end of your trip? A nice stroll in the lively old town centre and a good portion of testaroli with almond pesto, the local specialty.

Day 7: Pontremoli
Last day is included. Service ends after breakfast.


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