6-Day France Paragliding Holiday: Learn to Paraglide

The objective of this 6-day paragliding holiday in France is that you learn to fly on your own pace, in complete safety.

6 days
£1,141 to 1,141
6-Day France Paragliding Holiday: Learn to Paraglide

6-Day France Paragliding Holiday: Learn to Paraglide.

You will start by discovering the equipment and its uses: from the harness to the paraglider, including the reserve/emergency parachute, helmet and radio. Then, you work on the take-off phases on a learning slope in Briançon or Puy St Vincent, where you discover inflation, to master the wing on the ground and carry out your first small flights.

Before your first big flight, you will take an educational tandem flight as often as possible. You will take charge of the controls. The first big flights usually happen on the third or fourth day, flying between two and three times per day. The afternoons are devoted to morning video feedback, theoretical discussions on flight mechanics, free flight regulations, aerology and weather and preparation for the next day’s exercises.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, we will do some practice on the school slope and/or an evening flight at another site. If most of the flights take place in Vallouise, we may move to another site in the Hautes-Alpes, to find the best flight conditions in the moment. A short hike and fly session is also possible so you can experience taking off in the mountains! The course includes a booklet for the initiation courses and a free flight passport, published by the FFVL (French Free Flight Federation). The passport will document your progress according to 6 levels and will also serve as a flight log throughout your progression.

Price Includes

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Accommodation
  • All technical equipment
  • Guiding and Instruction

Price Excludes

  1. Insurance
  2. Travel

What to expect

Itinerary for the 6-day France Paragliding Holiday:

Arrival day
Reception and distribution of accommodation from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. In case of later arrival, please notify the sports village. Oxygenation walk at 11 a.m. An activity will be offered to get to know your group at 3 p.m. Opening meeting at 6 p.m. followed by a welcome drink. If you purchased the arrival the day before option, please come to the sports village on Saturday between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Think you will arrive late? No worries, just contact the centre and they'll provide you with the entry code, an envelope will be waiting for you at reception.

Monday - Today you will learn about the equipment, how to equip yourself, first inflations and first piloted flights. Theoretical lessons will be held in the sports village, including video feedback, ventral support, preparation and take-off phases.

Tuesday - School slope, in Briançon or Puy-Saint-Vincent: progress will be made on flight preparation and flights with first explanations of acceleration. Theoretical lessons in the sports village: morning video feedback, installation of the harness and the emergency parachute.

Wednesday - School slope, in Briançon or Puy-Saint-Vincent: become autonomous in setting up your equipment, piloted races and first small flights. Theoretical lessons in Vallouise: morning video feedback, preparation of a flight plan and reactions in the event of a radio failure.

Thursday - First major flights in Vallouise. Depending on the technical level of the group (progress of each person and weather conditions of the past few days) an additional slope session and one or more educational tandems are possible. Theoretical lessons in the classroom in Vallouise or at the sports village: morning video feedback, weather and aerology discussions.

Friday - First big solo flights in Vallouise with video feedback and end-of-course report in the sports village.

Departure day
End of stay on Saturday at 2 p.m. after lunch.

Programme information and activity facts are an indication only, providing an outline of how a course may be delivered and are provided for information purposes only.


6-Day France Paragliding Holiday: Learn to Paraglide: From £1,141 to £1,141 for 6 days

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