6 day El Chaltén trekking holiday in Argentina

Challenge yourself to explore every corner of the Los Glaciares National Park on this 6 day El Chaltén trekking holiday in Argentina. A Patagonian odyssey.


Start off easy with 3 days of supported trekking to the two absolute must-see highlights of the area – Laguna de Los Tres and Laguna Torre. Then experience an expedition-style trek where you must carry everything with you to explore the more remote corners of the park.

Climb to the infamous Paso del Viento for an unforgettable view over the South Patagonia Icefield (the world’s 3rd largest), follow the enormous Viedma Glacier for its entire length, and camp alongside icebergs on your final night on the shores of Lake Viedma.

This 6 day El Chaltén trekking holiday in Argentina showcases the best of the El Chaltén region in a mode that trekkers will appreciate, so if that describes you, keep reading for the daily itinerary and contact us for more information.

Attractions/Highlights of 6 day El Chaltén trekking holiday in Argentina:
• Climb to the Laguna de Los Tres for an incomparable view of Cerro Fitz Roy and Laguna Sucia (Dirty Lake)
• Camp in a typical Patagonian Lenga forest near Laguna Torre and enjoy an unforgettable sunset across the Torre lake and mountain chain
• Cross the Río Fitz Roy by zipline for a unique, panoramic view of the Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy mountain ranges from the Agachonas Pass and the Loma del Pliegue Tumbado
• Climb to the infamous Paso del Viento (Windy Pass) and see the immensity of the South Patagonian Icefield (the 3rd largest ice mass in the world) stretched out before you
• Camp alongside icebergs in Iceberg Bay on the shores of Lake Viedma
• Experience the wild beauty of all of the different types of landscapes of Patagonia

Level of difficulty: intermediate
Level of physical exertion: moderate to intense
Total duration: 6 days/5 nights

Price Includes

  • Bilingual Guide (English / Spanish)
  • Transport at the beginning and from the end of the trek to El Chaltén
  • Necessary permits for the program
  • Camping equipment (tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag)
  • Technical equipment for the ziplines (harness, carabiners and security equipment)
  • All food during the trek (5 breakfasts, 6 box lunches, 5 dinners)
  • VHF/Satellite communication

Price Excludes

  1. Transportation to/from El Chalten
  2. Personal travel insurance
  3. Tips
  4. Porters
  5. Personal equipment
  6. Accommodation in El Chalten
  7. Food outside of what is stated in the included section

What to expect

Day to day schedule during 6 day El Chaltén trekking holiday in Argentina

Day 1: Laguna de Los Tres - Fitz Roy
We leave El Chaltén by car and follow the Río de las Vueltas to our starting point 17 km away. From there, we hike along a beautiful trail through the lenga forest, following the Río Blanco (White River) towards the Poincenot campsite. Along the way, we will stop to learn a little about the flora and fauna that is characteristic of the Patagonian Andean forest and also visit the beautiful Piedras Blancas (White Rocks) viewpoint. Here we will see the Piedras Blancas glacier and its associated glacial features, including the erratic boulders and lateral moraines left behind as the glacier retreated over the last few decades. We will have many different views of the Fitz Roy mountain chain as we make our way towards our final objective for the day - the magnificent Laguna de Los Tres. This unforgettable location has the best view of Cerro Fitz Roy - and one of the most impressive vistas in all of Patagonia.
Distance: 11km +650/-400m
Duration: 6/7 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate
Included: 1 night of organized camping at Poincenot campground with a boxed lunch and dinner provided

Day 2: Laguna Torre - Cerro Torre
After breakfast, we leave Cerro Fitz Roy behind us and head off towards a lovely valley with rolling hills and the Lagunas Madre e Hija (Mother and Daughter lagoons). We will have plenty of time to stop and take photos and, if we are very lucky, we may even spot the small group of Cauquenes that is sometimes found in the area. The trail leads us through forests of Lenga and Ñires and across a large moraine before arriving at our destination - Laguna Torre (Tower Lake).
Here, we will stop and have lunch while taking in the spectacular views of the Torre’s mountain chain and Glacier Grande (Big Glacier). If the weather conditions allow, we will then hike towards the viewpoint Maestri for the closest view of Glacier Grande. This viewpoint is named after the controversial Italian climber, Cesare Maestri, who designed his strategies for climbing one of the most difficult mountains in the world from this location.
Once we are ready, we will descend a little to our home for the night at the Torres campsite and settle in for the evening. If the sunset looks promising - we will return to the lake to watch.
Distance: 8 km -400m
Duration: 7/8 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate
Included: 1 night of organized camping at Torre campground with breakfast, a boxed lunch and dinner provided

Day 3: Río Fitz Roy Zipline - Paso de Agachonas
We will rise early for an intense but incredible day of hiking. Early on, we will get the adrenaline flowing by crossing the raging Río Fitz Roy by zip line. This will, undoubtedly, wake you up if you are still struggling to shrug off sleep! Once safely to the other side, we will follow the trail across another moraine and enter a forest. Note how the trees get smaller as we ascend. Our steep climb to the Paso de las Agachonas is well worth the effort though, as the view across to Cerro Torre and Glacier Grande is spectacular.

The challenging Patagonian wind will almost certainly find us here to deliver a taste of the strength and chill-factor for which it is famous. However, while we brave the elements, we will be able to see the entirety of the Fitz Roy and Torre mountain ranges, the Paso del Viento (Windy Pass), and, if the weather permits, some of the snow-capped peaks of mountains in the South Patagonian Icefield. This is one of the least visited viewpoints in the park so you will have unique photographs to showcase your adventures with us.

From this point, we will descend towards the Río Túnel valley and Laguna Toro (Bull Lake)
Distance: 13 km +850/-700m
Duration: 9 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate to intense
Included: 1 night of wild camping with breakfast, a boxed lunch and dinner provided

Day 4 - Zipline over the Río Túnel and the Paso del Viento
Our fourth day of hiking is one of the most challenging but comes with a stunning reward.
We begin by hiking around Laguna Toro to a zipline set up over the raging Río Túnel. Once we are all safely across, we begin our ascent to one of the most spectacular viewpoints in this part of Patagonia. Our route takes us between huge glacial moraines, across the Lower Túnel Glacier, and through a landscape of stones and stunted vegetation towards the infamous Paso del Viento. We will likely be walking into the wind for which the pass is named, adding to the challenge of the hike.

However, once we reach the pass at 1400m, all the difficulties will be forgotten as you take in the unparalleled view of the immense South Patagonian Icefield, the Mariano Moreno mountain range on the other side of the ice, and the enormous Viedma Glacier. Here we will spend as much time as weather allows - taking photos, enjoying the view, and (if it is not too windy) resting and having something to eat - before descending to our next camp beside the lagoon near the small Paso del Viento hut.
Distance: 16km +800 / -400
Duration: 8 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate
Included: A night of wild camping, breakfast, lunch box and dinner

Day 5 - Viedma Glacier, Paso Huemul and Viedma lake
After breakfast, we break camp and continue our trek by re-gaining altitude. This affords us incredible views of the enormous Viedma Glacier that spills down off the South Patagonia Icefield and drains into Lake Viedma. We will spend much of the day hiking through the mountains following this immense river of ice.

The Huemul Pass is the last significant climb of our 4-day expedition. Once we crest the top, we say goodbye to the icefield and start a very steep descent towards our next campsite at the Bay of Icebergs on the shores of the lake. It is a beautiful and protected spot where (as the name suggests) you can explore the multitude of icebergs that are often stranded along the shoreline here.
Distance: 18km +150 / -800
Duration: 9 hours
Physical Intensity: moderate to intense
Included: A night of wild camping, breakfast, lunch box and dinner

Day 6 - Bay of Icebergs - Bahía Túnel, return to El Chaltén
After enjoying sunrise and breakfast only meters from the lake (and hopefully several icebergs), we will set off on the last leg of our adventure. Today is pure enjoyment. The trail is straightforward, relatively flat, and passes through a landscape and vegetation that is typical of the Patagonian steppe.

The zipline over the Lower Túnel River is the last obstacle that stands between us and the comfort of El Chaltén, but our vehicle will be waiting for us on the other side to take us back to town.
Distance: 15km +200 / -200
Duration: 6 hours
Physical Intensity: low
Included: Breakfast, and lunch box

• On Days 1 and 2 of the 6 day El Chaltén trekking holiday in Argentina, our camping equipment is already set up at the campsites. Participants only have to carry personal objects and their boxed lunch during the trek. The campsites do not have electricity, and only the Poincenot and Torre campsites have dry toilets (with a seat).
• Access to drinking water is available throughout most of the hike.
• From Day 3, the camps are wild, which means we have to set up and pack up camp each day. You can choose to help establish and tear down the camps or wait for the guides to do so.
• This also means that from Day 4 we must carry all the equipment with us. Each participant will carry their sleeping bag, sleeping mat, part of a tent, and a share of the food for the group.
• The timing for lunch is flexible as the guide will always look for a sheltered lunch spot out of the wind.
• The guides will prepare breakfast and dinner at the beginning and end of each day.


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