3-Day Everglades Sea Kayak Camping Tour

3-day fully outfitted and guided overnight sea kayak camping tour in the backcountry of Everglades National Park.

3 days
$800 to 800
3-Day Everglades Sea Kayak Camping Tour

Fully experience the REAL Everglades on this “easy active” tour that is perfect for beginning kayakers and families with children. We will guide you through the maze of 10,000 Islands, take you out into the open Gulf of Mexico, find ancient middens to explore and lead you to hidden mangrove tunnels. You will spot shy manatee in their natural environment, paddle in the middle of frolicking dolphins and watch pelicans dive for their dinner at sunset.


The “Real” Everglades – Wander off the beaten path and fully experience the remote Everglades backcountry.

Up Close and Personal Wildlife -­ Kayak quietly and unobtrusively in the middle of feeding dolphins, float by gentle manatees, watch giant sea turtles swim by, and observe countless species of fish and bird.​

Guide Services -­ Don´t risk getting lost in a foreign landscape! Our certified Florida Master Naturalist will take you to lesser-known beauty and share fascinating natural history (if you wish) from the area.

Backcountry Permit -­ There is no need to worry about obtaining camping permits. We´ll spend the nights soaking up the sunset and stargazing on beautiful sandy beaches – just let us handle the details!

All Inclusive -­ Our tours are fully outfitted and guided. All kayak equipment, camping gear and food is included at no additional cost. Don’t waste your valuable vacation hauling tons of gear to Florida – we´ve got you covered.

Safety -­ The internet is full of stories about dangerous gators and venomous snakes lurking in the Everglades. We have never had a guest threatened by any wildlife. Please don’t let exaggerated fears or uninformed opinions stop you from coming!

​“Easy Active” Rating -­ This is our easiest tour and is suitable for beginning kayakers and families with children. No previous kayaking or camping experience is required. We paddle a maximum of six miles over about three hours each day.

Price Includes

  • Incredible wildlife viewing opportunities
  • Professional and certified guide
  • All meals (no dehydrated meals)
  • Accommodation (2-person tents)
  • All kayaking and safety equipment,
  • All camping gear (no need to bring anything!)
  • National park camping fees and permits

Price Excludes

  1. Transport to and from your home
  2. Pre/post tour accommodations
  3. Pre/post tour meals
  4. Personal travel/trip insurance
  5. Gratuities for your hard working guide

What to expect

Day 1: Picnic Key, 6 miles.

We´ll begin the day at the Everglades visitor center, where a brief orientation of safety procedures and an outline of the day´s itinerary prepares us for the adventure ahead. Once we are all up to date, it’s time to set off into the expansive wilderness of the everglades. As we weave our way through a network of mangroves out to the Gulf of Mexico, we´ll encounter many birds, observe leaping fish, maybe paddle along side a curious dolphin and possibly catch sight of a silent manatee coming up for a breath. A delicious freshly-prepared lunch at midday is sure to revive you before we reach the open water of the Gulf of Mexico and kayak to our white sandy beach campsite. Here, we can enjoy a delicious dinner of appetizer, local seafood, fresh salad and dessert while observing the sunset paint the sky in shades of burnt orange, dusty pink and lilac. At night, take in the stars against the clearest unpolluted sky and enjoy a well-deserved rest in your two-person tent (provided). Paddling distance: 6 miles. Lunch and dinner included.

Day 2: Gulf of Mexico, optional 6 miles.

Awaken gently to the smell of freshly-cooked pancakes, sausages, fresh fruit, juice and hot coffee. Once you´ve had your fill and admired the sunrise, decide your day´s itinerary. Dip your toes in the fine sand as you wander along the beach, or choose to explore the area in your kayak for the chance to encounter giant sea turtles, pods of leaping dolphins, or flocks of roosting white pelicans. The beaches in this area are fronted by tidal flats full of fascinating sea life, while some also contain ruins of human settlements from the days before the national park. At lunch your guide can share Everglades folklore including tales of early settlers and modern day squatters. ​This afternoon we’ll explore deep into the sun-dappled mangrove tunnels which penetrate the interior of the islands. These narrow and twisting passages offer a shady break from the brilliant sun. At night we’ll marvel at another spectacular Florida sunset from our remote beach with a “happy hour” drink in hand. The perfect opportunity to enjoy the company of our new friends while warming ourselves around a blazing campfire. Paddling distance: optional 6 miles. All meals included.

Day 3: 10,000 Islands, 6 miles.

After breakfast we’ll break camp and load the kayaks for our return trip. But first, we’ll paddle further into the mangrove estuary where we will keep our eyes open for manatee as we follow the gentle tidal currents. Today’s lunch break may be on a “shell mound” which is a term used to describe the ancient islands constructed centuries ago by the native Calusa. Sadly, we must return to civilization today, taking­-out where we started in what may seem a lifetime ago. After several days in the backcountry, the simple comforts of a cold drink, fresh shower and clean sheets are greatly appreciated. We will say goodbye to our group at 4.00pm with vivid memories of our authentic exploration through this uniquely beautiful ecosystem. Paddling distance: 6 miles. Breakfast and lunch included.


3-Day Everglades Sea Kayak Camping Tour: From $800 to $800 for 3 days

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