22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan

22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan is a remote mountainous trek in the Pakistan Himalayas that borders Afghanistan.

22 days
$2,000 to 3,500

The 22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan is a mountainous area in the northeastern corner of Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan, and people of Wakhan are known as Wakanis. Wakhan means a high ground and second part of the name and means the Pass, therefore the meaning of Wakhan is the pass to high ground.

Wakhan links the four famous mountain ranges of Central Asia, Hindukush, and the Karakoram to its south and Kunlun and Tien Shan to its north. The famous river of Central Asia, Oxus, springs from its very area. The whole length of Wakhan is about 300 km. The famous Afghan peninsula shares a 300 km border with Pakistan. Southern Passes of the Wakhan corridor crisscross the Hindu Kush range and have been of great military significance in providing access from Wakhan to Pakistan.

The eastern-most section between Korambar & Broghil Pass forms a lower range and the western range makes the chain of highest mountain peaks in the region including twenty-four peaks over 7000m, like Istor Nal (7373m) and Tirich Mir (7708m), the highest peak of Hindu Kush range. Tirich Mir is also visible from the main bazaar of Chitral.

The sky in the Wakhan Corridor is full of stars in the night. A visit to Wakhan will instill great faith in divinity. You have to move away from the hustle and bustle of the cities to experience something so serene and peaceful like this. If you are looking for extreme peace and tranquility, the 22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan is the place to go.

Price Includes

  • Camping Equipment: We Provide high-quality equipment to clients making their adventure the most Comfortable and enjoyable even on the harsh and hard part of the world.: Mess Tent with full Kitchen Equipment, Table & chairs, Kitchen utensil .
  • Transportation: Air condition From Islamabad to Citral and back. 4x4 Jeeps,
  • Meals: Half board in the hotels & Full board during the trek.
  • Invitation letter for visa process.
  • Trekking Permit during 22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan
  • Staff: Professional English speaking guide.Cook, Cook helper. Porters.
  • Accommodation: on twin sharing basis in the hotels in towns& Dome tents.

Price Excludes

  1. domestic/international airfare, Toll taxes ,
  2. (IMPORTANT) Foreigner client must share there passport copy, 02 passport size Photograph full detail for trek permission requirement. If any member leaves the trek at any stage, the organization will not be liable to refund the payment
  3. Personal trekking equipment/ Clothing.
  4. any additional expanse Porter for personal Extra luggage on the trek, Horse for the trek
  5. . Medicines and any expense of personal nature,
  6. Rescue Helicopter charges 10,000 U$ in case of use for rescue Transfers to the airports for participants,
  7. Optional excursions or deviations from the scheduled tour Room service, gratuities for personal services, items of a purely personal nature Any expense due to forced majors, cancellation of flights, landslides, evacuation or accident or delay beyond the control of the RVT staff.
  8. Before your arrival and departure, RVT takes care of your luggage. Clearance of Cargo before arrival, Clearance of your Cargo after your departure to your home.
  9. Payment Procedure: 80 % Advance on date block & confirmation of services, minimum 02 Month before the commencement of trek nonrefundable. 20 % balance payable before one month of trek Start.
  10. Following Mentioned services are not included in our price, but some of them can be arranged on your request

What to expect

Itinerary for 22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan

Day 1
Departure Departure for Pakistan
2 Day
Arrive Islamabad meet & assist on arrival at Islamabad airport, freshen up at a hotel & then drive to Peshawar. Traveling on the Grand Trunk Road laid down by the Pathan Emperor of United Indian Empire: Sher Shah Suri. Crossing Indus river at Attock, we may stop for photo at the meeting point of Indus & Kabul rivers just beyond Attock bridge. Arrive Peshawar and visit Khyber Pass, the most important and strategic land route leading to Indian sub-continent. All the historic invaders, including Alexander The Macedonian, had used this route to explore the wonders of fertile land that lies south of this pass. Afternoon city tour. O/N at hotel.

3 Day
Enter Chitral Proceed for the fabled valley of Chitral by road. Passing through the lush green plains of Peshawar, we ascend the Malakand Pass that brings us to the Swat valley. We drive shortly through the Swat valley to arrive at the village of Dir for lunch. From Dir we leave the asphalt road and drive on jeep track to ascend of Lowari Pass (3,200 Meters), the gateway of Chitral Valley. From the top of the pass we have fascinating view of the Hindokush and Himalayan mountains. The descend of the pass is more interesting than the ascent, as we take 96 hair-pin turns to get to the valley floor. Passing through the dry and rocky landscape we arrive at Chitral town. Overnight Motel.

4 Day
Chitral to Buni Cross Zani Pass Two hours jeep drive from Chitral to Buni, the largest town in upper Chitral, and quiet historic place because of siege of Chitral in 1895. It is on the south of Mastuj river. Othal is a bit further settlement after Buni if the road remain open then the jeeps go up to Othal. We will start walking from Othal, a zigzag path leads to Zani Pass. Views form the top of Zani Pass are outstanding. Top of Zani Pass is wide flat ground with outstanding views of Trich Mir (7708m) the highest peak of Hindukush and also the Trich valley on our west. In north the pass offers views of Wakhan corridor and Afghan border. On our east will be the area of Shah Jinali and Broghil Passes and in South will be the main Chitral town. After some photography on the top we will descend down on the Trich valley side of the Pass and walk towards Zundragram our first camping site. Overnight at camps.

5 Day
Trek to Sor Rich Today we will continue our trek in Trich valley the trek today is easier than yesterday. We will walk along the Rich river, half of the distance will be covered by jeeps today. arrive Sor Rich for overnight camping.

6 Day
Trek to Jinali Ghari base of Shah Jinali Pass This is a beautiful walk through knee high grass and flowers and across plenty of side streams surrounded by groves of willows, with the Shah Jinali river well below you on your left. After three hours the path turns north and here we will leave the main stream and climb up a green hillside. Arrive Jinali Ghari a shepherds settlement.

7 Day
Cross Shah Jinali Pass – Yashkist Today in the start the trek is again through the knee high geraniums and wild onions, with good views north to the snowy domes of a mountain wall separating you form Afghanistan and the Oxus river. Just before the top is a wide flat meadow which is know as the "Kings Polo Ground" that gives the pass its name Shah Jinali. We will corss the meadow and arrive at the top of the Pass. The top is also flat, with several small lakes on either side. We will walk down to Yashkist for overnight camping.

8 Day
Trek to Kishmanja On the trek we would encounter many river crossings, so it is wise to keep sneakers in your day pack. For the first 3 hours we walk under the shade of poplar and willow trees along the bank of Yarkhun river, crossing three branches of Kankhun river. Excellent views of Thui peaks with their respective glaciers : Thui II (6,525m) with Shetor glacier, Thui I (6665m) in the middle of Panarillo glacier & Kotalkash glacier and Kouo Zom (6875m). We camp at (3325m) on a green spot facing the Kouyo Zom mountain in south, Broghil region begins from here and local people have Mangolian features, having migrated from Wakhan.

9 Day
Exc. Broghil Pass – Ishkarwarz Today we are in Boroghil, that offers the easiest route between Indian sub-continent and Central Asia, frequently featuring in the history. The population speaks Wakhi language, also spoken in southern Tajikistan, and upper Hunza. We ascend a thousand feet from the river to a vantage point with excellent views of Chatibol glacier with its numerous crevasses. Ishkarwaz houses Chitral Scouts and border police`s post to guard the entrance to Wakhan Corridor through Boroghil Pass. Wakhan Corridor, belt of Afghanistan separats Pak. and Thjikistan. While finalizing the boundaries between Afghanistan and British India, this belt was purposely planned as buffer zone between British India and Russian Empire. These days it not allowed to cross Broghil Pass we will only go to top of the pass and walk back by the same route to Ishkarwarz for O/N camping. On our way to the Broghil Pass we will carry only water and cameras.

10 Day
Trek to Lalay Rabat From Ishkarwaqz three main treks divert in different directions. We take the eastern option, a leisurely walk along the Yarkhun river passing by horses and Yaks grazing on green pastures. As we pass the northern trek leading over 3888m Darwaza Pass to Wakhan. We arrive at summer settlement of Lashkargaz (meaning cavalary`s pastures) home of the Sardar (chief) of Bjoroghil. Three hours walk further is Lalay Rabat at 4000 m. Today the trek is flatter and we will walk along the Yarkhun river through many green meadows.

11 Day
Over Korambar Pass Unlike many trek days in Pakistan when the day over the pass is the hardest , this is a lovely day. Passing through rolling pastures and romantic Karambur Lake we arrive at the flat top of Karambur Pass with pools draining in lakes on easy and west sides of the pass. As we descend down gradually through broad green valley and lovely Zhoe Lake which is scattered in miles, we leave behind North West Frontier Province and enter in the Northern Areas. Camp at Shuinj.

12 Day
Sokhterabad Walking along the left bank of Karambur river for two hours we arrive at the snout of Cashboi glacier and then cross the glacier to the south side of the valley that is completely filled at this point by the glacier. We continue our trek along its edge for about three hours to arrive at our campsite at 3353 m surrounded by birch and willow bushes.

13 Day
Walk to Chilinji Easy flat walk of eight kilometers along the south bank of Karambur river. Arrive Chilinji at 3201m, a sandy patch at the base of Chilinji Pass.

14 Day
Yasin The trek is not strenuous anymore and today we will walk along the Chilinji river. Arrive Yasin the most beautiful camping site of our trek, with lots of trees and green pastures. An easy day during this 22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan

15 Day
Matramdas Matramdas is the first permanent settlement after crossing Koramabar Pass. The place is consists of about ten house, beside the Chilinji river. It is wide flat area and people are very friendly. enjoy another walking day.

16 Day
Bilhanz If the road remain open then the jeeps reach to Bilhinz. Today we will walk in Ishkoman valley. In our east is Gilgit area across Naltar Pass and in our west across Ishkoman and Korambar Passes will be the Chitral valley. Todays trek is quiet soft. Arrive Bilhinz and small village consist of about 20 houses.

17 Day
Gahguch Today we will board on 4x4 soft top jeeps or we will take a short walk to road blockage area in case of any road blockage. Drive to Gahguch the biggest town in Ghizar valley. This interesting drive is along the Ghizar river. By lunch time we will be in Gahguch for overnight camping.

18 Day
Drive to Gilgit Today we will drive towards Gilgit the administrative capital of Northern Areas of Pakistan. Arrive Gilgit and transfer to hotel for fresh ups. After lunch we drive out from Gilgit to re-enter the town from the historic route, crossing a suspension bridge over river. At Kargah to visit the rock-carved Buddha from 7th century AD. In the ancient times the Kargah valley used to be the traveling route of the Buddhist monks, to go to Taxila. Stroll down the colorful Bazaars of Gilgit. Overnight in hotel.

19 Day
Drive to Besham / Narran Now we are on the KKH, on the bank of Indus river. The Highway was a joint venture between Pakistan and China and it took 20 years & 850 lives to complete this 8th wonder of the world. After three hours we will stop in Jaglot a unique place of its kind in the world. Here the worlds three highest mountain ranges Himalayas, Karakorams and Hindukush are meeting it is also the meeting point of Indus river with Gilgit river. We also have views of Nanga Parbat (8,125m). By eve. we will arrive Besham.

20 Day
Drive to Islamabad Drive on the greener part of KKH to Islamabad. We may stop at Taxila, the archaeological site of Gandhara Buddhist civilization dating from 500 BC to 500 AD era. At Islamabad, transfer to hotel for overnight.

21 Day
At Rawalpindi Full day city tour of the twin cities Rawalpindi & Islamabad. We also have the time to hunt the colourful bazaars. Farewell dinner at a traditional restaurant to celebrate the completion of the 22 day Wakhan Corridor trekking adventure in Pakistan. O/N at hotel.

22 Day
Fly home Transfer to airport for departure flight.


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