1-week Mestia Heli-Ski / Heli-Board Holiday in Georgia

Discover the thrill of heli-skiing/boarding in the Caucasus Mountians on this 1 week Mestia heli-ski / heli-board holiday in Georgia

Heli Ski / Board
8 days
€2,500 to 2,500

Enjoy a 1-week Mestia heli-ski / heli-board holiday in Georgia!

Experience the allure of Mestia, often hailed as the “New Chamonix” by mountain travellers—a comparison that couldn’t be more fitting. Picture Chamonix in the early 20th century, and you’ll begin to grasp the essence of Mestia. Nestled at an altitude of 1500 meters, Mestia finds itself enveloped by towering peaks that rise above even Mont Blanc’s majestic heights.

Nestled within the Georgian province of Svaneti, amidst the awe-inspiring Caucasus Mountains, Mestia is a sight to behold. Mestia is the high-altitude settlement in the centre of Svanti In fact, four of the ten highest peaks in the Caucasus call this region home, including Georgia’s tallest mountain, Mount Shkhara, soaring to an astounding 5,201 meters. As you explore the surrounding playground, you’ll encounter Tetnuldi at 4,974 meters, Mount Ushba at 4,710 meters, Ailama at 4,525 meters, and Shota Rustaveli at 4,960 meters. Ushba and Tetnuldi cast their imposing shadows over Mestia like regal deities.

Mestia stands as the bustling hub of Svaneti province, a role it has played for centuries despite its modest size. With a rich cultural heritage, this town boasts numerous medieval treasures, including churches and forts, earning it a well-deserved spot on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. The town is adorned with medieval towers, and its remarkable museum, once the residence of the renowned climber Mikhail Khergiani, is a must-visit.

Beyond its cultural richness, Mestia boasts a vibrant nightlife scene that beckons mountain enthusiasts from across the globe. Unique bars and restaurants dot the town, and the evenings come alive with live traditional music. International groups, guided by locals, come together to celebrate the week’s or day’s achievements, making Mestia an undiscovered gem waiting to be explored.

Price Includes

  • English speaking guides and hosts during the whole trip
  • Transfer from Tbilisi (TBS), Kutaisi (KUT) and Batumi (BUS) to and from the destination
  • Full or half board accommodation
  • Quality accommodation
  • Logistics and safety
  • Borrow safety equipment for free (avalanche-pipes, probe and shovel)
  • Skiing at the local lift system in bad weather conditions

Price Excludes

  1. Plane tickets
  2. Alcoholic beverages
  3. Ski rental

What to expect

1-week Mestia heli-ski / heli-board holiday in Georgia: More information.

Option 1- Guided Heli-drop week!
In 2022 we trialed our first mixed week and we are glad to say this was a huge success. The week consists of fully Guided off-piste skiing or boarding, Mountain skills, Touring and one very special day using a heli-drop . Minimum total group size is 6 and total group size up to 12.

Option 2 - Full Heli ski week
There will be max 8 guest sharing one Helicopter for full private charter for the whole week. We will aim to fly 5 days with a spare day included in the event of a down day. There is a vast amount of terrain to explore and the local guides know exactly where the best snow conditions are. We could be skiing above 4,000m and get huge some descents.

Option 3 - Accommodation and transfer only
This option is open from mid January through to the end of March. It is perfect for longer stays and tighter budgets. we can arrange everything for you during your stay to include Guides/touring/Heli drop or simply minibus rides to the ski areas. Stay in a very relaxed atmosphere with likeminded adventurers and enjoy the magic of the area.


1-week Mestia Heli-Ski / Heli-Board Holiday in Georgia: From €2,500 to €2,500 for 8 days

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€2,500 to 2,500 8 days
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