HH Women’s Mono Material Insulator review: Eco friendly insulated jacket

Mar 29, 2021 BY Michelle Rees

Are you looking for a more eco friendly insulated jacket or technical midlayer? Then check out this Helly Hansen Women’s Mono Material Insulator review. Not only will it keep you warm in cold conditions, but it is versatile and has some great sustainability innovations.

Heading out of the depths of winter had me wondering what type of jacket to wear. I wanted something lightweight, suitable for long rambling walks and quick trips to the shops. It needed to be able to handle the frequent changes in UK weather. This insulator is not something that I would usually be drawn to. But it has turned out to be exactly what I needed and here’s why.

HH Women's Mono Material Insulator review_ Eco friendly insulated jacket

HH Women’s Mono Material Insulator review

It’s shorter length makes it really easy to move in, great for hopping in and out of the car as well as being more active in the wilderness. Exploring crumbly embankments, jumping across streams and chasing energetic children it moves with you and doesn’t restrict you. And the jacket is breathable, so if you sweat the moisture escapes meaning you don’t get damp and clammy.

The Mono Material Insulator is light but surprisingly warm. I have been out in just it with just a normal t-shirt and thin jumper beneath in temperatures around five degrees centigrade and felt fine. The 100% recycled insulation is really effective so I didn’t miss the longer length fit of my Helly Hansen Svalbald 2 Parka. Clearly it is not as warm as that full blown winter jacket but combined with a waterproof it is not far off.

The waist length and the fit on the jacket are really flattering. During this HH Women’s Mono Material Insulator review I found it is roomy enough to wear a hoodie underneath. But it is not so loose that it allows the wind to get up and under to detract from its insulating properties.

It is super soft making it a pleasure to snuggle into even on those warmer days when just a t-shirt is needed beneath. All of the fabric and stitching feels smooth against the skin and it is a well made and well thought out eco friendly insulated jacket.

Any negatives of the Mono Material Insulator?

Drawbacks for me are that it has a low waterproof rating. It is ok for light showers and a dash into the shop, but not suited to being caught out in heavier rain. That said I would combine it with a waterproof shell jacket in those kind of situations. Also the low collar is a lovely design but I’d prefer something higher to protect my neck a little more.

Helly Hansen women's Mono Material Insulator Jacket colours

There is a good choice in colours, yellow, olive green, black, cream or sightly darker cream in women’s. The men’s are the same but the creams are replaced by orange or grey. I selected the Arrowwood which is a muted golden yellow. Perfect for entering those spring days and brightening up the overcast ones.

Eco friendly insulated jacket

Something I wasn’t expecting was a lesson on recycling. The majority of clothing can’t be fully recycled because it is made of mixed fabrics. Around 73% of clothing either ends up in a landfill or is incinerated at the end-of-life. With just 1% of textiles currently being recycled into new fabrics, Helly Hansen wants to help reduce waste through circular recycling.

In consideration of this Helly Hansen designed and manufactured this insulator using one fabric (excluding the zipper). This Mono Material makes it completely recyclable and more durable. Plus the insulation is 100% recycled down-feel polyester and the Eco friendly insulated jacket is completely PFC-free.

When recycled mono materials create a higher quality new material than you get from mixed fibers. Plus these singular material garments are resilient and easier to care for. This will deliver longer-lasting performance and protection which is better for the user and the planet. So not only will you look good and feel great wearing this, you can have peace of mind that you are reducing your footprint.

Mono Material Insulator review: Conclusion

I can see myself using this insulator for many different activities. It is the perfect jacket to take away camping to fend of the evening chills. I may also wear it as a technical midlayer for skiing or snowboarding. Mainly it will be worn for hikes and everyday life. Combined with the right layers it is hugely versatile and works well with everything from just a t-shirt to a thick hoodie underneath. Sling a waterproof jacket over the top and you are both warm and weatherproof.

Helly Hansen women's Mono Material Insulator Jacket colours

This insulator is going to look after me during activities across the seasons for many years. With it’s high breathability, durability, insulation and windproofing it is perfect for getting active in the outdoors. I love wearing this jacket and am sure it will be my go to choice on breezy autumn days, chilly spring sun or cool summer nights. In the depths of winter it will be an extra warm midlayer. And all whilst being more eco friendly!

Did you found this Helly Hansen Women’s Mono Material Insulator review useful? This eco friendly insulated jacket costs £140 and can be purchased directly from HH or from various retailers: www.hellyhansen.com/w-mono-material-insulator


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