Helly Hansen Fremont Boots review: Better winter shoes than Timberlands

Feb 27, 2019 BY Jamie Barrow

Looking for better winter shoes than Timberlands? Then check out this Helly Hansen Fremont Boots review by Jamie Barrow. Until a serious injury, Jamie was a member of the British Boardercross team.

He still spends a lot of time in the mountains snowboarding. Jamie’s known for his speed stunts, including the Guinness World Record for the fastest towed speed on a snowboard.

So winter boots are a big part of his attire and get plenty of wear in challenging conditions. Here is what Jamie thought of the Fremont Boots by Helly Hansen.

Helly Hansen Fremont Boots review Better winter shoes than Timberlands

When it comes to these sort of boots it’s hard not to compare them to Timberlands. However I am pleased that I tried something different and went for the Helly Hansen Fremont Boots.

Helly Hansen Fremont Boots review

The first reason they are better winter shoes than Timberlands is they come in more colours. The second reason is you will not be wearing the same boots as half the population are wearing these days.


The thing that sold me on these boots was their waterproofness. With the tongue attached on the sides it means you can go deeper in the snow without letting water inside.

Helly Hansen Fremont Boots all three colour options

This came in very handy the first time I used them in the mountains as it had snowed a lot. With all the time I spend in the mountains it is very important I have good boots with good grip. I can’t count how many times I have slipped over because I have been wearing the wrong shoes.

Comfort and function

First impressions of the Fremont Boots in the snow were amazing as they have gripped everything I have walked on. They are also very comfortable, even having spent all day walking around in them.

Normally when I get new boots like this it can take a bit to effort to wear them in. Usually I’ll get a couple blisters in the process. However during this Helly Hansen Fremont Boots review I did not have a problem at all.

Helly Hansen Fremont Boots have great grip

With these types of boots it is also sometimes hard to get your foot in in when the leather is new. But even the first time I tried them on the Fremonts were really easy to put on which was a nice surprise.

Easy to maintain

When your on a skiing or snowboarding holiday it’s hard not to end up in some sort of apres pub, bar or nightclub. So it’s next to impossible to come back from a ski trip with clean shoes.

Inevitably I went out wearing these boots and of course they came back dirty. Normally it can be quite hard to clean this sort of material. However these were super easy to wipe off and came up looking good as new.

Helly Hansen Fremont Boots review much better winter shoes than Timberlands

Better winter shoes than Timberlands

I have owned Timberlands in the past and I have to say these Helly Hansen boots were better in many ways. From the grip on snow and ice, to how comfortable they are, and the level of waterproofness they are superior.

I highly recommend the Helly Hansen Fremont Boots. They are high quality footwear, perfect for walking in all conditions in the mountains and around town back in the UK during winter.

We hope you found this review of the Fremont Boots by Helly Hansen useful. The RRP is £140, they can be purchased at various retailers or direct from Helly Hansen: www.hellyhansen.com/fremont


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