Hawaiian surfing holidays: 5 of the best Hawaii surf spots

Oct 24, 2016 BY Luke Rees

Hawaii is the undisputed surf capital of the world. Surfing originate in these Polynesian Islands and quite rightly Hawaiian surfing holidays are ever popular. But with great surfing all over the archipelago, some of the most infamous waves on the planet, and hundreds of beaches to choose from what are the best Hawaii surf spots?

Hawaiian surfing holidays 5 of the best Hawaii surf spots Banzai Pipeline Flickr image by Aussie Assault

Why book Hawaiian surfing holidays?

Hawaii is a US state marooned in the Pacific Ocean, with constant oceanic swells and the perfect surf beaches it seems to have been created with surfers in mind. Add great year round weather, the strongest surf community on the planet and waves suitable for all levels it’s hard to disagree.

But the Hawaiian Islands offer a lot more than just surfing holidays. The scenery is simply stunning, with rugged coastlines and mountainous interiors due to its volcanic origins, often covered in tropical broadleaf rainforest they provide a beautiful backdrop to Hawaiian surfing holidays.

The Polynesian culture and the history of the Hawaiian Islands is fascinating, particularly as it crosses over with the origins of surfing. Also as part of the US if something does go wrong you know there are first rate hospitals, and that infrastructure, hotels and facilities are top notch.

Na'Pali Coast Hawaiian surfing holidays Flickr image by Garden State Hiker

Five best Hawaii surf spots

With Hawaiian surfing holidays on our mind we asked the experts at BookSurfCamps.com to recommend five of the best Hawaii surf spots that every surfer should visit at least once. The first thing they told us was that no matter what your surf level, there is the perfect surf beach waiting for you in Hawaii.

For this top five we have gone for the big name breaks – you’ll probably recognise many of them. Of course your best Hawaii surf spots probably differ so please leave a comment with your favourites and remember this article is just one opinion.

Banzai Pipeline – Oahu

The Banzai Pipeline in Oahu is one of the most famous surf spots in the world, not just in Hawaii. Located off Ehukai Beach in Pupukea on the Oahu Northshore it is a place where experienced surfers go to get the thrill of their lives and catch the perfect wave.

Bruce Irons on Banzai Pipeline one of the best Hawaii surf spots on Hawaiian surfing holidays Flickr image by SurfGlassy

If you’re a beginner, just sit on the shore and watch the big boys do their thing, as even pro surfers, such as Malik Joyeux have lost their lives here. If that doesn’t hold you back and you simply need to ride the perfect barrel, then the Banzai Pipeline is where you will find it!

Waimea Bay – Oahu

Waimea Bay is another spot for more advanced surfers. From October to March, it’s where go for big wave surfing and. During the summer months, though, the waves are a bit kinder and more accessible.

Waimea Bay one of the best Hawaii surf spots on Hawaiian surfing holidays Flickr image by Anthony Quintano

It is believed that ancient Hawaiians used to surf at Waimea Bay, even though there is little evidence that points in this direction. The bottom line is, that if you want to do some real big wave surfing, you go to Waimea Bay and live your dream!

Sandy ‘Break Neck’ Beach – Oahu

Sandy Beach is famous for bodysurfing and rad barrels. We suggest you pay extra attention to your form and surroundings, because the beach is also known as break neck beach as it’s known as one of the most dangerous beaches in all of Hawaii.

Sandy Beach one of the best Hawaii bodyboarding spots on Hawaiian surfing holidays Flickr image by Paloika

Still, if you’re into bodyboarding, and danger is your middle name, then Sandy Beach is where you should head on your Hawaiian surfing holidays.

Hanalei Bay – Kauai

Hanalei Bay is one of the best Hawaii surf spots as it offers something for everyone from beginner to pro. It’s also one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Hawaii with amazing views of the mountains inland, great sand, wonderful surfing conditions and plenty of surfers.

Hanalei Bay one of the best Hawaii boduboarding spots on Hawaiian surfing holidays Flickr image by pburka

It is around two miles long and the bay is perfect for both experienced surfers and beginners. Some areas have strong currents and massive waves, while other spots such as Hanalei Pier, are perfect for people who are just getting into the sport.

Peahi Jaws – Maui

The most famous surf spot in Maui, Peahi Jaws is another big wave surfing spot that at its biggest will scare even the most experienced surfers. Jaws is the place where pro surfers go to break records, but it can be a nice surf spot for the average surfer too.

Jeff Rowley surfing Jaws one of the best Hawaii surf spots Flickr image by Jeff Rowley Big Wave Surfer

In the summer months the waves are smaller and good surfers can get involved – lets face it surfing Jaws at any time is bucket list stuff. Alternatively visit Peahi Jaws in the winter months to either ride some of the largest swells the world has ever seen or just to watch the pros break records.

Feeling inspired to plan your own Hawaiian surfing holidays to try the best Hawaii surf spots? We recommend you check out the extensive Hawaii surf camp offers by BookSurfCamps.com.

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