Guided trekking holidays: five UK tour operators we recommend

Feb 10, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

Trekking is one of the purest adventure holidays you can experience. Aside from a pair of sturdy walking boots, a decent back pack and suitable clothing there is little specialist equipment involved. Guided trekking holidays give you the perfect opportunity to test your endurance, see incredible parts of the world and make new friends along the way.

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There are countless trekking destinations across the world most of which can be reached independently, with local guides or for an added bit of security through UK tour operators. Going solo is great if you are experienced but on guided trekking holidays you can concentrate on enjoying the view rather than finding your way or worrying about supplies.

Booking a trekking holiday through a UK tour operator often means your flight, transfers, food and accommodation are included giving you less to worry about. You will normally be part of a small group of like minded people, who will get to know each other as you trek to some of the worlds most iconic destinations.

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Here’s a selection of five UK tour operators we recommend for guided trekking holidays:

Dream Guides

Founded in 2005 by Kenton Cool and Guy Willett, Dream Guides offer a wide range of skiing, mountaineering and climbing adventure holidays. In addition to this, they also lead trekking expeditions for those looking for a less extreme mountain adventure. The three main treks offered included a summer Haute Route, a tour of Mont Blanc and an Everest Base Camp trek.

The Tour du Mont Blanc trekking holiday lasts 8 days with 6 days of trekking. The route links the seven valleys that surround Mont Blanc providing spectacular views and varied terrain in France, Italy and Switzerland. Walking through alpine meadows, beneath glaciers, visiting picturesque villages and climbing 6 passes as you circumnavigate Western Europe’s highest mountain.

Guided trekking holidays image from Dream Guides

Sherpa Expeditions

Offering self-guided and guided trekking adventures at a range of destinations across the world, Sherpa Expeditions have been going since 1973. As well as their European tours, they offer around 20 British treks including the Coast-to-Coast Trail and Hadrian’s Wall. They’ve got vast experience organising trekking adventures in destinations as varied as Malta, Norway and even as far afield as Peru, Nepal and Tanzania.

World expeditions

Since organising their first expedition in Nepal in 1975, World Expeditions have been leading treks around the world in some of the most challenging and exciting destinations. With offices in the UK, as well as around the world, they have the experience and contacts to organise incredible guided trekking holidays. They organise treks everywhere from the high Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet, to Patagonia in South America, the Rockies of North America and more. Basically, if you can trek there, World Expeditions can arrange it.

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Collett’s Mountain Holidays

Organising guided trekking holidays across Europe, including the Italian Dolomites, the Austrian Alps, Picos de Europa in Spain and plenty more besides, Collett’s provide trekking adventures for all levels, from absolute beginner to experienced trekkers. With a variety of options and destinations to choose from, you can build your own adventure around your specific needs.

Bath & West Country Walks

Of course you don’t have to head to the other side of the world for great trekking holidays. Discover how good the trekking can be right here in the UK with Bath & West Country Walks, an award-wining UK trekking company. As the name suggest, they specialise in the West Country, guiding trekkers around the stunning Cotswolds, beautiful Wiltshire Downs and rolling hills of Somerset. If you really want to fall back in love with the UK, this might be the company for you.


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