Guide to Vienna paraglide holidays

Dec 07, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

A Vienna paragliding holiday is a chance to see the Austrian Alps from the air. Paragliders love them as much as skiers and snowboarders do. It is a great place to either take your first flight, or to experience the magic of cross-country flying. You’ll be rewarded with views over the region’s high peaks, rocky ridges and green valleys.

Vienna Paragliding Flickr image by Leo-setä

Austria is a relatively small country, with good transport links. Based in Vienna, you can choose to stay local and fly in the hills around the city. Or you can move further afield for the day, exploring higher mountains to the east of the country, or travelling just over the border into Hungary, Slovakia or the Czech Republic.

Vienna itself lies just off the Alps, but there are hills around the city that make great places to start a flight from, such as Muckenkogel or Spitzer Berg. From there you’ll have a wonderful view over the valleys and the city itself.

Further afield, you’ll find some great flying in the mountains near the city of Graz, just a couple of hours drive from Vienna. Flying in the area is equally suitable for beginners and advanced flyers, with plenty of operators around to take you up into the mountains. Weather conditions can change quickly in the Alps, but you’ll usually be able to fly cross-country between March and October. You will probably be able to get some shorter flights in during the winter months, too. Flying over the snow-covered landscaped is magical.

An Austria paragliding trip is a great way to see the mountains and valleys of the Alps at their best.

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