Guide to Vasiliki windsurfing holidays in Greece

Sep 08, 2022 BY AWE365 Team

In this brief guide to Vasiliki windsurfing holidays in Greece we give you an overview of this excellent destination for windsurfers. We also discuss when to visit and who the destination is suitable for.

The Vasiliki windsurfing beach is approximately 30 miles south of Lefkada Town, the capital of Lefkada Island which is one of the Ionian Islands. There is only one entry point to the island and that is via a bridge from the mainland. From here it takes about 45 minutes around the scenic coastal road to reach Vasiliki.

Guide to Vasiliki windsurfing holidays in Greece image of Fi Plavenieks by Tez Plavenieks

Guide to Vasiliki windsurfing holidays

Vasiliki is framed by steep hills which funnel the thermal wind creating ideal conditions. The beach itself is made up of pebbles and turquoise waters, surrounded by the town buildings. It is not a big town but it still has all the amenities that a windsurfer could need.

The bay is quite large and has plenty of room for the windsurfers and windsurfers that take advantage of the conditions. The bay has varying wind directions throughout the day. In the morning the wind is onshore and not as strong thus suiting beginners.

In the afternoon the wind picks up and is cross shore providing good conditions for the more advanced riders making it one of the best high wind winsurf spots in the world. This helps with separating different levels of riders and is why Vasiliki provides one of the best windsurfing spots in Europe.

If you want to visit then Club Vass has some good accommodation options. It is part of an excellent watersports centre situated on the main beach. There is a nice laid back feeling to the centre and to the town which adds to a relaxing holiday.

Vassiliki one of the top 5 freeride windsurf spots Best windsurfing holidays for all image of Tez Plavenieks by Edge Productions

Year round windsurfing holidays in Greece

You can windsurf in Vasiliki during the summer months when the heat creates reliable thermal winds. April through to September gives you the larger percentage of windy days with 80% of the time being over force 3 (10mph).

During the summer the temperatures are often 30+ degrees. So a rash vest and board shorts will do during Vasiliki windsurfing holidays in Greece.

Photos provided by Tez Plavenieks.

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