Guide to Turkey Sailing Breaks: When, Where & What to Expect

Aug 03, 2023 BY AWE365 Team

Turkey is a natural sailors’ paradise. With the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea to its south, and the Black Sea to its north, Turkey offers sailors plenty of opportunity to get out on the water. In this guide to Turkey sailing breaks we talk about what you should expect.

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At the crossroads between Europe and Asia it’s no surprise that the Turkey has a long maritime history. Combined with its modern tourist industry, that means great infrastructure for Turkish sailing holidays and yacht charters.

Guide to Turkey Sailing Breaks


Sailing conditions in Turkey’s waters are generally good, with mild winters and warm summers. The strong Meltemi wind blows across the Aegean from June to September, sometimes bringing with it tough conditions, but these usually last only a few days.

Turkey’s coast is perfect for those who like to explore. The coast has some lovely local ports, where overnight berths are cheap, as well as some great modern marinas. Istanbul, Marmaris and Bodrum are among the best of the bunch. For a wilder experience, you can drop anchor in the country’s many deserted coves.

Turkey’s southern coast is its more built-up and touristic, while the northern Black Sea coast is wilder and emptier. But busy resorts and empty, rugged stretches are easy to find on both sides of the country. If you want to see both, you can sail up the Bosphorus Straight, between Europe and Asia and through the great city of Istanbul.

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Turkish sailing holidays and yacht charters

Beginners and experienced sailors can both easily find their place in Turkey. Lessons and sailing courses can be found in resorts such as Marmaris and Bodrum. And you can join flotillas or charter a yacht in the likes of Fethiye, Antalya, Göcek or Oludeniz.

You can also join a cruise on traditional Gulet the wooden sailing ships long used in the region. Those who want to sail their own yacht can easily pick up bareboat charters, especially on the Aegean. It’s easy to combine a trip to Turkey with other countries – for example you can easily sail in Greece as part of your adventure.

Take a Turkish sailing holiday and discover this country’s beautiful beaches, rocky bays, ancient ports and warm welcome.

We hope you found this brief guide to Turkey sailing breaks useful. Check out these Europe sailing holidays for more ideas.

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