Guide to Tarifa kiteboarding holidays

Mar 05, 2014 BY AWE365 Team

Sitting on the tip of a headland on the most southern point of mainland Spain, Tarifa’s exposed position means it gets windy, very windy. In fact, with 300 blustery days a year, it’s one of the windiest spots in Europe. Combine that with long, white sandy beaches and it makes perfect sense that Tarifa kitesurfing holidays are some of the best in the world.

Tarifa kitesurfing holidays with a world champion Wikimedia image by Stefanvanderkamp

On a clear day you can see Africa across the Straits of Gibraltar, and with the stunning mountains of the Cadiz province behind you, it makes for a spectacular spot to ride. But it’s the perfect conditions caused by the Levante wind coming in from the east that make Tarifa kitesurfing holidays such a big draw.

The skies around Tarifa are usually full of kites although you would probably expect nothing less from Europe’s number one kitesurfing spot. But despite being popular, the miles of beaches mean there is always enough room for everyone. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best spots to head for in the Tarifa area.

Dos Mares

This wide beach is split into zones for windsurfers, kitesurfers and teaching but at around two kilometres long there is plenty of room for everybody. With big Levante winds coming in, as well as some nice waves, this is a great spot for all riders from absolute beginners to advanced levels. There’s also a few bars to relax in after a good day out on the water.

Los Lances

A long beach that starts in the town itself and heads out towards the dunes. The closer you are to town the more the wind is blocked by buildings, making it great for beginners. But head out into some open water and things start to get challenging with some big waves and winds.


A top off-shore spot with conditions perfect for building up some serious speed. There’s also some pretty big waves here on days when there is swell. Recommended for advanced riders only.

Playa Chica

A challenging spot with big waves, in the summer time this is a popular spot for sunbathers and swimmers so you will need to be careful. There is also a strong current to watch out for, as well as rocks. But if you can avoid all those hazards it’s one of the best days riding you can have.

As well as these spots, there are plenty more to discover on Tarifa kitesurfing holidays, including Rio Jara, Arte Vida and Bunker. In short, there’s enough here to keep the kite pumping for your entire holiday.

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