Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays

May 18, 2016 BY Luke Rees

Taghazout lies on Morocco’s Atlantic coast around 20 km north of Agadir. It is a small Berber fishing village, sandwiched between the ocean and the mountains, that happens to be Morocco’s surf Mecca. On Taghazout surfing holidays expect world class waves with a dash of authentic Moroccan culture.

Surf instructor course in Morocco

Taghazout surfing holidays

surf berbere logoSurfers from around the world come to Taghazout for the waves and the vibes, with plenty to offer beginner to expert surfers. Most tourists in Taghazout are there for the surfing, making it a very friendly scene.

There are several surf schools and hire shops in the town. There are also specialist surf camps providing Taghazout surfing holidays, such as those run by Surf Berbere. With international flights to Agadir and just a one hour transfer it’s the perfect surf location.

Guide to Taghazout surf spots

Within a 15 minute drive there are around 20 world-class surf spots to enjoy on Taghazout surfing holidays, including some of the best right hand breaks on the planet. Many of the breaks are easily walkable and there are waves suitable for all levels of surfer from complete beginner to pros.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

These are some of our favourites spots for surfing in Taghazout. They are ordered north to south.


Immesouane is renowned as being one of Africa’s longest waves and is a consistent right hander. It’s located in the most Northern point of Cathedrals 15 minute drive from town. It’s a quick wave rising on the reef and breaking right into a sand bank with several defined peaks.

On the harbour side you can surf from the pier to the beach with a ride of over a few hundred metres on this long mellow right. Immesouane is perfect for those who don’t like paddling out, as you can jump onto the wave from the port.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays Tamri break image courtesy of Surf Berbere


Tamri is known for consistent waves and is the place to go when Taghazout is flat. This beach break has quick back sections and a constant beach push. Beware of strong currents and how far you’ve drifted. It’s a fun ride with views of camels and flamingos in the estuary.

Off the sand bank in front of the cliffs, experienced surfers can check out one of the few lefts in this part of the world. Tamri is a 15 minute drive from Taghazout.


If you want big fast walls on your Taghazout surfing holiday then Boilers is for you. Winds funnel down from the mountains creating large vertical lips and an epic speed wall. This powerful right hander washes onto a shallow reef.

There is a hectic entrance as you scamper across the reef before the next set hits. The exit can also be dicey and it’s worth having a buddy shouting you in from the shore. Boilers is only suitable for experienced surfers, hence why pro photographers often visit, and required a short drive to access it from Taghazout.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holiday 2 image courtesy of Surf Berbere


Located just south of Boilers is it’s evil twin – Draculas. It’s named after vampire teeth shaped rocks and it is not for the faint hearted. On a big swell this fast right hander pushes large and punchy sets. Dragulas comes with plenty of risk – but also plenty of reward. Access is tricky as you need to jump in off the rocks.

Killer Point

Killer Point is a renowned point break and is one of the most consistent in Taghazout. Breaking out from a cliff it delivers on all tides and swells. Access is either a long paddle or a short scamper around the cliff (low tide only) and a jump off the rocks.

It is named after the local killer whales, rather than the dangerousness of the wave. However, it is another for experienced surfers particularly when the swell picks up as the vertical walls rumble down the point providing barrels and hard sections. It’s always bigger than it looks from the cliffs.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays Killer Point image courtesy of Surf Berbere

La Source

This is a great spot for all level of surfer just 15 minute walk from town, with both left and right breaks. Fresh water springs welling up from onshore rocks form ‘the well’, creating both performance walls and a high lifting A-Frame. There are small reef and sandy sections that mostly provide a clean wave.


At lower tides, Mysteries provides some nice right handers across a submerged point-like rock formation, creating breaks that are good for less experienced surfers. There are a few rocks to avoid and the odd shallow spot, but nothing too nasty. With a big swell Mysteries walls up and closes out.

Anchor Point

Anchor Point is known to surfers all over the world and is Morocco’s most famous surf spot. A medium to large NW swell creates long fast barrels. Speed walls and cutback hooks arrive in endless succession, with the sandier section down the point offering occasional green rooms.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots anchor point Image by Surf Berbere

It’s a tough wave to surf, particularly with big swells. Definitely one for the experienced, but for those who can handle it, it becomes a firm favourite.

Hash Point

This is probably Taghazout local’s favourite surf spot. Being central to town the local kids often hit it after school. It is located right outside the Surf Berbere accommodation and got it’s name when it became a favourite with stoned surfers who couldn’t be bothered to walk to Anchor Point.

There are better waves in the area, and Hash Point can be fickle with tides and requires a westerly swell. But it’s location makes it a firm favourite and when conditions are right this fast right-hander is a lot of fun. Taghazout surfing holidays certainly would not be the same without it.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays Hash Point image courtesy of Surf Berbere


With both a point and beach break this is a great spot for all levels. The beach in particular is great to learn as there is a sandy bottom, with minimal currents, that is protected by the bay from huge swells.

Nevertheless it is a nice break that is often overlooked for the more famous surf spots in the Taghazout area. It produces some good barrels and is normally less crowded than other breaks. It’s central location means it would be rude not to try it out during Taghazout surfing holidays.

Banana Point

Banana Point is to the south of the village and is a long right hander that breaks from the reefs jutting out from the headland. It’s an all level wave that is more consistent at low tide, it often has a fast peak providing lovely lines all the way down to the beach.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

Devil’s Rock

Found south of a small rocky headland to the south of the village, Devil’s Rock is a great beginners spot. It is perfect for those starting out as it offers punchy lefts and rights with a mainly sandy bottom. There is also a hollow right hander that breaks towards Banana Beach.

Banana Beach

Banana Beach is a great spot for complete beginners. Just south of the village the beach has some nice easy beach breaks that are perfect for finding your feet on.

11km and 12km

You will need to drive south of the village to these two breaks that are named after their distance from Agadir. They are both fast tubular rides, with reef take offs and beach finishes. As they are quick breaks they are also popular with bodyboarders.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

Taghazout surfing holidays: Practicalities

Getting to Taghazout is easy, just fly to the international airport at Agadir. The transfer takes around an hour and surf camps such as Surf Berbere run transfers as part of their package. From Marrakech it is a 3.5 hour transfer, and from Essaouira airport around 2.5 hours.

surf berbere logoPrices are fairly cheap in Taghazout, local beer costs around £1.50/€2 and a three course meal will set you back around £10/€14. You can easily book accommodation, surf lessons or guides, equipment hire and transfers independently, but it works out cheaper and easier to book with a surf camp.

For example, a week at Surf Berbere costs £390/€540. This includes three meals a day, accommodation, lessons, guide, all your gear, airport and beach transfers, plus a guaranteed good time. You can even add yoga. You don’t have to stay for a week, and can build your own package to your requirements.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

Taghazout surfing holidays offer something for all level or surfer from surf virgin to barreling expert. It’s also a lovely, chilled out place to visit, where local fishermen and camels mingle with surfers on the beach. Great vibe, culture and great waves – what more could you want?

If you fancy a Moroccan surfing holiday in Taghazout then check out:

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