Guide to Switzerland skydiving holidays and tandem Swiss skydive

Mar 07, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

When it comes to skydiving, Switzerland has one of the poshest pedigrees in Europe: legendary landscapes, pristine planes and lush grass for landings. Here’s our guide to Switzerland skydiving holidays and tandem Swiss skydive options.

Guide to Switzerland skydiving holidays and tandem Swiss skydive Image courtesy of skydive Interlaken

Where to skydive in Switzerland

Switzerland has around 20 permanent skydiving dropzones which are scattered throughout the country. These range from tiny, special-event-oriented helicopter drop zones, such as Lake Zurich’s Heli-Skydive, to big and amenity-rich facilities such as Skydive Interlaken – probably the most picturesque drop zone in the world as you jump in front of the legendary north face of the Eiger.

There are dropzones all over the country such as Skydive the Alps, based in the posh ski resort town of Verbier, Engadin Sky near St Moritz and Flying Devils DZ near Lake Geneva.

Looking to swoop a mountain? Also every August the legendary Mountain Boogie event is held in Italian-speaking Ambrî, the get-together brings most of the skydivers in the country together for a week of fun, parties and mad airtime.

Why skydive in Switzerland?

English Spoken Here

For an English speaker, one of the great benefits of skydiving Switzerland is that you won’t be awkwardly scrambling over a language barrier. The Swiss speak English very well, so even the newest skydiver will stay firmly in the loop.

A Well-Run Operation

Swiss Skydive, the organizing body for the Switzerland skydive scene, works with their federal aviation administration to run a tight ship. Jump planes undergo regular maintenance, DZ-owned skydiving gear undergoes regular inspection, instructors hold advanced licenses and the paperwork is very much in order. Skydivers looking for a buttoned-up experience will enjoy the tidy facilities and the sense of security offered by a focus on safety.

Guide to Switzerland skydiving holidays and tandem Swiss skydive Image courtesy of skydive Interlaken

Tandem Swiss skydive

A tandem Swiss skydive is a great way to try the sport without all the training and doing this in Switzerland is something else altogether. Adventurous to the bone, with beauty that’s as heart-stopping than the jump itself, a Swiss tandem skydive comes with one serious warning: Look out. You’re going to fall in love with the sport.

Fancy the North Face of the Eiger as the backdrop for your Switzerland skydive then check out Skydive Interlaken. How about a sweeping view of a sapphire lake, a jump framed by snow-shrouded peaks, a wintertime leap into a world-famous ski village or freefall from a helicopter. It is all possible on a tandem Swiss skydive.

Learn to skydive in Switzerland

If you want to learn to skydive then Switzerland skydiving holidays might be just the ticket. Dropzones in Switzerland regularly certify new skydivers to take to the air using either the French PAC (Progression Accompagnée en Chute) progression or the American AFF (Accelerated Freefall) course.

Expect to go through a rigorous “ground school” to learn skydiving theory in a classroom. After that, you’ll make your first jump accompanied by two certified instructors.

Guide to Switzerland skydiving holidays and tandem Swiss skydive Image courtesy of skydive Interlaken

Switzerland skydiving holidays for experienced Jumpers

If you’re a licensed skydiver traveling to Switzerland, make sure to have all your paperwork available for inspection: your current, in-date skydiving license, your reserve repack card, your proof of insurance and, in many cases, your AAD.

Before you head out to any dropzone in the country, make sure you call first to ensure you fit their license and equipment requirements as they’re far less likely to make allowances than DZs in other parts of the world. However once there Switzerland skydiving holidays are some of the best in the world.

If you are planning a tandem Swiss skydive or Switzerland skydiving holidays, then we recommend you check out the most picturesque dropzone in the world, at skydive Interlaken:

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