Guide to Soca River kayaking holidays in Slovenia

Jun 11, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

Love kayaking? Or want to try a different adventure? Read this guide to Soca River Kayaking holidays in Slovenia to find out of this beautiful and exciting river is what you are looking for.

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Why take kayaking holidays?

If you’re a kayaker, you’ll know well the thrill of mastering a kayak. Feeling the water rush under your little craft, beating the elements with your paddle… If you’re new to kayaking then be warned – it’s fun, thrilling and addictive.

It’s pretty fun to kayak just about anywhere, but don’t you just crave for that extra element of adventure?  Experienced kayakers know that getting out and about to explore new places, new rivers and new rapids is where it’s really at.

If you’re up for the challenge, look into kayaking holidays in Slovenia and the Soca River. Here’s a little of what you’ll find…

Guide to Soca River kayaking holidays

The Soca River runs through the Julian Alps of northwestern Slovenia. It’s spectacular emerald green waters cutting through rock and boulder faces. You’ll get to paddle beneath towering peaks of up to 2000m, stop at deserted river beaches, and negotiate rapids from Class 1 to 4. Find out about white water rapid grading here.

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For those with a bit of experience who want to try out kayaking holidays in Slovenia, the Soca is perfect! The majority of rapids at Class 2 and 3. Most people can comfortably kayak the length of the Soca over a seven-day kayaking holiday. Maybe fitting in some time on its tributaries too.

Guide to Soca River kayaking: Rapids

The Soca is a varied river, with boulder gardens, waves, gentle rides and some dangerously difficult rapids.

While it’s mostly a fun, easy river to play on, there are places to avoid: One section is known as the ‘Graveyard Canyon’! Not just a scary name, it has grade 5/6 rapids that don’t let up with plenty of dangerous rocks lurking not far below the surface.

Get a guide! There are companies based up and down the river and in the main tourist centre of Bovec that will take you out for relatively little money.

Guide to Soca River kayaking holidays in Slovenia Flickr CC image by neiljs

Where to kayak on the Soca River?

The upper part of the Soca, down to the village of Cezsoca, is a perfect introduction to the river, with mostly class 2 and 3 rapids. It’s also one of the prettiest sections, as the emerald water begins to drop down into the valley.

There is a narrow gorge in the area that presents a challenging drop for those up to the challenge. Further down, you’ll find more nice, relatively easy rapids, along with some tougher narrower gorges.

When you want a breather, you’ll find some nice calm pools to rest up. Some pretty beaches which make great lunch stops!

For something different, you could have a go at the slalom course. The rapids on the course are up to class 4, so it’s one for the more experienced, but it’s great fun if you’re craving faster water.

guide to soca river kayaking holidays in Slovenia - image by CC pxhere

Kayaking adventures in Slovenia

Like life, kayaking should be an adventure, not just a gentle paddle. Make it one with a trip down the Soca. It’s fast becoming Europe’s favourite river with kayakers for good reason!

We hope you found this guide to Soca River kayaking holidays in Slovenia interesting and inspiring. If you are now planning a paddling adventure for yourself be sure to check out our kayaking discounts, as you could save a fortune.

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