Guide to Slovenia kayaking holidays: Canoe and kayak in Slovenija

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Varied landscapes provide plenty of opportunities to canoe and kayak in Slovenija. The country is known for its whitewater rivers, such as the Soca, but they are not the only place to paddle in Slovenia. As you’ll find out in this guide to Slovenia kayaking holidays you can also paddle on mountain lakes and the Mediterranean.

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History of Slovenia or Slovenija?

Located between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, Slovenia is known by its inhabitants as Slovenija. It’s a small country with a wealth of cultural heritage and offers everything from from snow-capped Alpine peaks to sun-drenched Adriatic coasts.

“Slovenija” is the Slovene name for the country, reflecting its language and tradition. The English equivalent “Slovenia” is widely used in international communication.

Slovenia’s history is marked by its strategic location at Europe’s crossroads. Inhabited since prehistoric times, it was part of the Roman province of Pannonia in antiquity. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, it experienced a succession of ruling powers, including the Byzantine Empire, the Franks, the Holy Roman Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy.

Slovenian nationalism grew in the 19th century. And despite being part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (later known as Yugoslavia) the aspiration for autonomy persisted. Following a referendum, Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia in June 1991. There was a ten-day war, which Slovenia withstood to become an independent nation.

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This rich history has shaped Slovenia, infusing it with a blend of Latin, Germanic, and Slavic influences. And despite monumental changes in the last thirty years Slovenia has retained a unique cultural identity.

Guide to Slovenia kayaking holidays

Slovenia is internationally recognised for its commitment to sustainable tourism, green policies, and preserving its diverse landscapes. Which is great for canoeing and kayaking in Slovenija as you’ll find clean water in which to paddle within unspoilt natural environments.

And Slovenia is a great country to visit. It is easy to travel around with all the facilities and amenities you’d expect from a developed nation. But prices are still lower than nearby Austria, Croatia and Italy, making for affordable Slovenia kayaking holidays.

There is plenty to do as a tourist in Slovenia. The picturesque Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, and the quaint coastal town of Piran showcase the country’s natural and architectural beauty, and are close to some good kayaking.

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The nightlife in the capital Ljubljana is lively with everything from all night clubbing and lively bars to good restaurants and chilled out pubs. For those that like a flutter, there are more than twenty Casino’s spread all over the country. They are mainly in the cities so if there is not one near you check for good reviews of online casinos.

Canoe and kayak in Slovenija: Whitewater

For a Slovenia kayaking trips on whitewater, the Soca is the first choice of many. The water sparkles emerald green, cutting through stunning rocky gorges and valleys. There are rapids up to class 5 to tackle, but plenty of easier sections for beginners to navigate.

The Soca’s hub is the town of Bovec. It’s a great base for those who want to combine kayaking with other activities, such as canyoning and climbing.

The Sava River also has plenty to attract kayakers and canoeists. Like the Soca, it has plenty of difficult rapids for the experts, and flatter sections that make it accessible for all.

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Slovenia sea kayaking and canoeing

Slovenia’s coastline is small, but it does have a rocky stretch of the Adriatic to call its own. Paddle around its quiet coves, past ancient fishing villages and pretty harbours for a spot of sea kayaking on the Med.

Kayaking on lakes in Slovenia

If you prefer your kayaking calmer, then head to one of the country’s beautiful mountain lakes. Lake Bled is breathtaking. It is surrounded by forested slopes and has a gorgeous island church in its centre. Paddle out to the island, or just explore the clear water along the shoreline, lined with beautiful buildings.

Lake Bohinj is just a short hop from Bled, and is another great place to paddle. It is more isolated than Bled, surrounded by little mountain villages and quiet forest.

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Slovenia might be small, but it offers some of the best kayaking in Europe. A Slovenia kayaking holiday is a perfect introduction to the sport, but can also offer a serious challenge for experienced kayakers and canoeists.

We hope you found this guide to canoe and kayak in Slovenija useful. Book Slovenia activity holidays or take a look at Europe kayaking holidays if you’d like to widen your options.

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