Guide to Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca

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Climbing in Costa Blanca and want to try something a little less intense for a day? Hiking in the region and fancy something a little more challenging? Then Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca may be perfect for you.

Guide to Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca image courtesy of Mountain Journeys

Although ridge hiking requires some technical climbing, if with a guide you don’t need to have previous climbing experience. However traversing an exposed ridge is certainly more exciting than going for your average walk.

In this guide to Segaria ridge hiking, you’ll find out all you need to know to tackle the ridge on your own – if you have the relevant experience and equipment. You could also join up with the guys at Mountain Journeys who offer expert guiding for scrambling in Costa Blanca plus other adventures.

Guide to Segaria ridge hiking

Thanks to Mark Eddy from Mountain Journeys for providing this guide and the images

Guide to Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca 2 courtesy of Mountain Journeys

Segaria ridge rises swiftly out from the coast. This huge ridge is quite a sight and certainly a distraction for climbers driving along the nearby A-7 motorway. It’s around 4km long and has numerous technical sections.

Here we describe the Western section that is quite achievable by a fit party in a day. It takes in some amazing scenery and allows lots of straightforward scrambling to be enjoyed with only minimal use of the rope.

Approach to Segaria ridge

From the N-332 turn right just north of Ondara, then left at the next 2 roundabouts and back under the motorway. Shortly after turn right onto a single-track lane through orange groves and continue along this small lane to reach the Segaria recreation area where you can park.

Guide to Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca 3 courtesy of Mountain Journeys

Aim for the large col in the ridge. Follow paths as they zig-zag towards this, sometimes they’re a little vague but stick with it. On either side of the col are extensive climbing crags for those seeking further adventures.

Segaria ridge hiking

From the col turn left (west) to follow the broad ridge through sometimes dense vegetation. The summit is reached in about 25 minutes. There’s a log book here so take the time to sign in. The ridge continues in an undulating fashion before reaching a huge notch.

An abseil station lies about 30m back by a flat slab. The threads are in a poor state (Jan 2016) so either replace these before abseiling or down climb with care from here to reach level ground leading into the notch.

The climb out is on the left side and a lot of fun, it’s about 2+ and straightforward the whole way. Once at the top a narrow arete is gained and followed, this is spectacular and a real highlight of the day. Eventually this widens and descends to the final abseil station.

To locate this scramble down squeezing passed a pinnacle to reach a tree, the bolt belay is next to the tree. A 25m abseil reaches easy ground and the end of the scrambling. This is also the base of a nice sport climbing crag, good for warmer days as it faces north.

Guide to Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca courtesy of Mountain Journeys

To get back to your car, from the TV masts follow the tracks left (South side of ridge). Descend either to the road or follow a disused water channel back to the recreation area and car park.

Time (car to car): Approximately 5 hours.

Equipment required: 50m rope for final abseil, helmet, harness, abseil device, prusik

The above guide was provided by Mark Eddy from Mountain Journeys.

Scrambling in Costa Blanca

Guide to Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca 4 courtesy of Mountain JourneysSegaria ridge hiking is not the only Scrambling in Costa Blanca. Other popular ridges include Castellat, Toix, Bernia Cabezon de Oro and El Realats. The team at Mountain Journeys will be happy to provide all the gear and guide you on any of these ridges.

Remember although scrambling is not as difficult as rock climbing it is still dangerous. It should not be carried out on your own, without suitable equipment or if inexperienced it’s much safer to have a guide.

Mountain Journeys arrange many guided activities in the area from climbing to canyoning and Via Ferrata to walking. Furthermore they run accommodation next to some great crags in the Jalon valley.

For further information about Segaria ridge hiking and scrambling in Costa Blanca or about the region please visit:

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