Guide to Sardinia Island rafting holidays

Oct 22, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Lying in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Corsica, the Italian island of Sardinia is a gorgeous place to be. The island is fringed by beaches that attract many of Europe’s jet set each year. In this guide to Sardinia Island rafting holidays and other activities you’ll find out what to do and where to go.

The island is packed with pretty towns and ancient ruins, and has an attractive countryside that makes it a great place for all kinds of outdoor activities. One of those activities is a Sardinia white water rafting trip.

Guide to Sardinia Island Rafting holidays and other activities Flickr image by fabulousfabs

Sardinia Island rafting holidays

Sardinia is not a natural destination for rafters, with relatively few rivers. It does, however, have mountains, and operators are beginning to realise that there is potential for rafting there. The rapids are not tough, but they are lots of fun, so while Sardinia Island rafting holidays are possible.

The Tirso River is the most important river on the Sardinia island, rising in the mountains and running out to the sea through marshland and lakes. In spring, it swells with meltwater and becomes a tougher prospect for rafters than it is for most of the year. But there are small rapids most of the year, and the Tirso is a good place for gentle, recreational paddling.

If you want a more challenging ride, you need to make your way over to neighbouring Corsica. There, you’ll find some difficult rapids up to class 5 and 6. As with Sardinia, the best time to go is in March and April, when melting snow swells the rivers and ups the grade of the rapids.

Sardinia Island other activities.

While Sardinia Island rafting holidays are very limited there are many other adventure activities you can enjoy to explore this beautiful island. Sardinia Island is one of the best kite spots in Europe, and also ranks as one of the best European windsurfing destinations. For the Med you can also get some good surf.

Flickr image by  by Michela Simoncini
Flickr image by by Michela Simoncini

Still on the water sea kayaking is popular and Sardinia Island features in articles about the best Mediterranean kayaking holidays. If you prefer to use wind power instead of your arms then Sardinia ranks as one of the top 5 places for Mediterranean sailing holidays.

On the land there is good hiking across the rugged mountainous interior. Being in Italy road cycling is very popular and there are plenty of tough climbs and circuits to suit all levels. If you prefer to get off-road there is plenty to offer – after all it is larger than Wales and with higher mountains!

You won’t get to see much of it’s adventurous side on Sardinia Island rafting holidays unless you take on some of these other activities. RSo combine rafting with a multi activity holiday and find out why Sardinia Island is one of the best adventure sport destinations in the med!

We hope you found this guide to Sardinia activity holidays useful. Be sure to checkout our Sardinia Island discounts as you could save a fortune on your holiday.

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