Guide to Sagres surfing holidays

Mar 21, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

You’ll find Sagres at the end of the road on the very southern tip of south west Portugal’s Algarve region. Its position shields it from the worst of the Atlantic swell but means it is also affected by Mediterranean currents. This unique geography means Sagres surfing holidays are some of the finest in the Algarve.

Lagos and Sagres surfing holidays - Staffan Rennermalm courtesy of The Surf Experience

In fact, many people see Sagres as the unofficial capital of Algarve surfing, thanks to the stunning conditions and choice of surfing beaches. With nightlife on hand and the town of Lagos close by, it’s perfectly positioned for surfing getaways.

The break

The swell wraps around the Cabo de São Vincente, which produces some gentler waves in the Sagres and Lagos areas. Which means that it is perfect for beginners to learn away from the battered Atlantic coast to the north. However, with swells of up to five metres, the beaches of the north Cabo are perfect for more experienced surfers.

Here you’ll feel the full brunt of the Atlantic, and it’s no surprise that World Surfing Championships are held at nearby Praia do Amado.

Sagres surfing holidays Praia do Amado Flickr image by Annabelle Orozco

The season

As with much of the surfing in this part of the world, conditions in Sagres are best from November to March, when the tourist numbers are lower. Larger waves combined with quieter waters make this a good time to go. And because it’s the Algarve, the weather on Sagres surfing holidays won’t be too bad – even in mid winter.

The amenities

Thanks to the surfing community’s presence, there is plenty to do in Sagres when not on your board, with clubs and bars in the town catering for those who want to enjoy a night out.

Catering for all abilities, offering plenty of schools and facilities and the classic Algarve weather, Sagres surfing holidays come highly recommended.

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