Guide to Panama paraglide holidays

Sep 13, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

Panama might be best known for its canal, but there is much more to this little Central American country than that. It has some great beaches, some rugged and attractive countryside, and long stretches of mountains. These things mean that in Panama paragliding is also pretty popular…

Panama Paragliding Wikimedia Commons image by Haakon S. Krohn

Panama has some spectacular mountains, many of them volcanic. Their lush volcanic soil and forgiving temperate climate makes them green and gorgeous: a great backdrop for a flight. Much of the mountainous area is protected parkland, or privately owned, so you’ll need to check locally on what’s allowed, and where.

Flights along the Panama Canal are popular, and will give you a great view of the country’s surprisingly varied landscapes. The Canal runs from the wide Limon Bay in the north, through the sprawling Gatun Lake, and then narrows down towards Panama City itself. Flying along it, you’ll pass over wetlands and forests, past mountains, and down over the city and its beaches. You’ll also get to see plenty of ships, and the Bridge of the Americas, a huge road bridge created to connect the two parts of the Americas that were separated by the creation of the canal.

If you want to combine your paragliding trip with other sports, you’ll be well placed to do it in Panama. The country is well set-up for all kinds of outdoor fun, from gentle hikes through the coffee plantations, to extreme climbing. Take your pick!

A Panama paragliding trip is a chance to explore stunning manmade and natural beauty. The Panama Canal is a sight that must be seen, and the rest of the country’s not bad either.

Central America, Panama

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