Guide to Norway sailing breaks: Norwegian yachting holidays

Jan 05, 2014 BY AWE365 Team

Try Norway sailing breaks and you’ll explore some of the most beautiful waters and the wildest coasts in Europe. Norway’s coast is jagged and endlessly fascinating, with islands and fjords to explore. Whether you choose to cruise the temperate and gentle south, or head north for an Arctic Circle adventure, you’ll certainly never get bored on Norwegian yachting holidays!

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Norway sailing breaks

Norway is fairly well set up for, and accommodating to, sailors. There are numerous companies offering bareboat and crewed charters, and many welcoming harbours where you can moor up for the night. It is important to make sure that you have the right level of experience for the trip you want to take. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, even in summer, with winds funnelled by high sided fjords.

Most travel to Norway in summer, to escape the tough winter weather conditions. But it is possible, usually on a crewed trip, to explore Norway’s waters in winter. Journeys north to see the Northern Lights are both popular and potentially spectacular. It’s even possible to combine sailing with ski touring across empty snowfields. Norway’s uncrowded waters are also great for fishing.

In summer, most sailors island hop up and down the coast. The city of Bergen is a common starting point, with much to explore both to the north and the south. Most sailors stick to the inner fjords and islands, away from the North Sea. Water on the Fjords is generally calm and easy to sail.

Norwegian yachting holidays

In the far north or Norway you will find the stunning Lofoten Islands. These are a popular destination for more adventurous sailing. The towns here are colorful, the land wild and the views just beautiful. For more information check out our Lofoten Islands sailing article.

Lofoten Islands sailing holiday in Norway image courtesy of Velvet Adventure Sailing Holidays

Norway sailing breaks offer endless opportunities to explore and enjoy life in the slow lane. Stopping overnight in little fishing villages, enjoying the scenery and the wilderness is what it’s all about. so why not experience it for yourself on Norwegian yachting holidays.

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