Guide to Nicaragua windsurfing holidays

Sep 09, 2013 BY auto

The central American country of Nicaragua has long coastlines on both the Atlantic and the Pacific, with lots of great beaches that draw in the crowds. Many of them go to sunbathe…but many go to get out in the wind and the waves. Nicaragua has a well-established surf scene, but now windsurfers are getting in on the action too. Here’s what you need to know for a Nicaragua windsurfing trip.

Nicaragua Windsurfing Flickr image by permanently scatterbrained

Nicaragua’s Pacific side is the place to be for waves, and is home to a big community of wave-loving windsurfers and surfers. The biggest and most challenging swells are seen during the March to October rainy season, when they can reach up to an eye-watering 5m. The winter dry season is a better bet for windsurfers, with more wind and smaller and more easily sailed waves.

Rather than brave the waves, many windsurfers head for Lake Nicaragua, a huge body of water close to the Pacific Coast. During winter, winds are super-strong – as much as 25-30 knots. It’s certainly not a place for beginners at that time, but it can be a thrilling ride for the more experienced.

Winds are at their strongest on the western side of the lake, especially around the town of Rivas. At the northern end of the lake, Grandada is a good choice of base for those seeking something a little gentler. In the middle of the lake, Omtepe Island, an island formed of two extinct volcanoes in the middle of the lake, is another good choice. It has several windsurf hire shops and a great vibe.

Another option is to head south to Costa Rica, where there are some great spots just south of the border.

Take a Nicaragua windsurfing holiday and discover this stunning Central American country from the water.

Central America, Nicaragua

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