Guide to Nassau kiteboarding holidays

Nov 21, 2013 BY AWE365 Team

The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau, which is 160 miles off the coast of America. You will find some of the American character has worked its way across the ocean to these islands which works well with the Caribbean vibe. The temperature is anything from 22 to 35 degrees, meaning you will only need board shorts or a bikini when on a Nassau kitesurfing holiday .

Nassau Kiteboarding Flickr image by Moto@Club4AG

The wind here averages 17mph with most months getting 20 windy days which are “kiteable”. Nassau is quiet on the kite scene at the moment so you may find yourself out on the turquoise water on your own. The wind can be a little temperamental and is certainly not as consistent as some other islands in the area.

There are just a few spots to hit on the island and one of the best is south beach. A shallow lagoon spills out in to the ocean for about a mile creating a perfect playground. The water is flat here due to the protection offered from the reef offshore. If you want to find some waves then Cable Bay might be a better option for you with some waves forming out on the reef 400m out. The beaches here are a perfect white sand and the sandy bottomed bays are perfect for all levels.

There is plenty of accommodation to choose from and you can roll out of your bed straight on to the beach in Coral Harbour. Here you wind find numerous all inclusive resorts of a high quality. If travelling with family then you might want to think about the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island just off the mainland on the north eastern tip.

From October to June winds are on average force 4 plus so a 14m kites and slightly smaller would be your best travelling companion. Wind is typically SW through to NW producing cross shore wind from the left. Because of the range of beaches a Nassau kitesurfing holidays is suitable for all riding levels.

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