Guide to Munich rafting holidays in Germany and Austria

Feb 02, 2018 BY AWE365 Team

Munich’s location just outside the Alps makes it a great place to base yourself if you want to enjoy the outdoor life and the mountains. With plenty of whitewater nearby, Munich rafting holidays in Germany and Austria are well worth checking out.

Munich rafting holidays

Munich is a busy, attractive city, with plenty of history behind its modern outlook. It is the capital of Bavaria, a forested, hilly region that runs up into the Alps to the south. Here it meets Austria and the Alps proper where you’ll find plenty of whitewater.

Munich Rafting Wikimedia Commons image by Prankster

A Munich white water rafting trip could begin just outside the city, on the River Isar which flows through it. There, you can hire a log raft and travel just as generations of Bavarians have done! It’s not white water rafting, but you will get wet, and it’s a good way to work up an appetite for something more challenging.

Rafting holidays in Germany and Austria

For that, you’ll have to head up into the mountains, to the border with Austria. The Lech River is a popular destination. It is a tributary of the Danube which flows through the Alps, down waterfalls and through narrow gorges.

The Inn is another good river for rafting just over the Austrian border. Large sections of it are navigable, with some tough rapids, especially when the water is high.

The most challenging rafting in the region is to be found on the Oetztaler Ache, with some big rapids that it takes experience to be able to ride. Many consider it some of the toughest rafting in Europe. Some sections of the Oetztaler Ache are easier, though, so it’s a good place to go if you have a group of mixed abilities.

A Munich rafting holiday in Germany and Austria is a great way to discover the northern Alps of Bavaria and Austria. It also means you’ll get to explore some of Europe’s best white water.

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