Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots

Apr 27, 2017 BY Luke Rees

Looking for world class surfing, in an exotic destination, within easy reach of Europe. Then check out this guide to Morocco surfing holidays. With the waves, culture and close proximity to Europe it ticks all the boxes, but what are the 10 best Moroccan surf spots to visit?

Guide to morocco surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

Morocco surfing holidays come with good variety as well as great vibes. There are many waves suitable for complete beginners up and down the coast, with a host of surf schools to get you up on your feet such as Surf Berbere based in Taghazout.

But there are also plenty of breaks that seasoned surfers are in awe of. Experience the hollow vacuum of Boilers, a monster of a spot made famous for the rusted shipwreck jutting out of the breaking wave. Or head to Dracula’s, a surging giant of a break made famous for the jagged rocks sticking out like canines. And there is always the infamous Anchors….

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays

The south of Morocco is at the same latitude as the package holiday paradise of the Canary Islands, which lie around 500km (300 miles) off its south western coast. However the north of Morocco is just a hop skip and a jump to the southern tip of Spain across the Straits of Gibraltar.

Guide to morocco surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

But don’t let this relative proximity lull you into a false sense of the familiar. Morocco is camels, bazaars, poverty, shisha-pipes, desert, Islam, Berber, Arab and much more. It is a very different holiday experience that is both culturally intriguing and immensely rewarding.

This may be a guide to Morocco surfing holidays, but we recommend you do more than enjoy the world class waves. Marrakech is an incredible city and the Atlas Mountains should be on everyone’s list. If you are into culture the cities Casablanca, Fez, Tangiers and the capital Rabat are also well worth a visit.

There are also many exciting activities to try beyond surfing: trekking, climbing, rafting and kitesurfing to name a few. But this is a guide to Morocco surfing holidays, so I won’t labour the point. However, if you want to find out more check out our article about the best Morocco adventure activities.

Guide to Taghazout surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

The easiest way to reach Morocco is to fly. Budget airlines regularly fly to the major airports of Casablanca, Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier, Essaouira, Fez and Rabat. Essaouira and Agadir are normally the airport of choice for surfers as they offer quickest access to the best Moroccan surf spots.

You can also drive to Morocco, via a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier. According to google maps it would take around 25 hours to drive from London to Tangier, although I am not sure they have factored in toilet stops…. Road trip anyone?

10 best Moroccan surf spots

Morocco surf breaks come with some scary names such as Boiler, Dracula, Devil and Killer – and these are just a few spots near Morocco’s surf Mecca of Taghazout. The names may be off-putting, but the welcome surfers receive in Morocco is warm and friendly, with a great vibe.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays image courtesy of Surf Berbere

And don’t worry, many of the best Moroccan surf spots are not just for those who had a surf leash for an umbilical chord. This guide to Morocco surfing holidays covers complete beginners through to pros, so whatever your level read on.

Please note this article is about the destinations to visit, rather than the individual surf breaks – there are far too many of them to include in one article. For want of a better order I am going to start in the north and work south almost as if you were on a road trip….


About 30 km north of Essaouira, Safi is one of the best surf spots in Morocco that is easy to reach from this surfing hub. Safi itself has no surf scene – surfers go for the surf, not to hang out. It is a fast, powerful point break with swell up to and over 5m. It’s one for very experienced surfers only.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots Christiaan Bailey in Safi Wikicommons image


The town of Essaouira is well worth a visit and has a great surf vibe. Unfortunately, this is mainly for windsurfers and kitesurfers for whom there are excellent conditions. There are also good waves for beginner surfers, plus there is often enough to keep intermediates in the water.

The sprawling 180º degree bay rounds up swell from most directions meaning it consistently delivers clean and manageable breakers. But there is rarely anything too challenging here for advanced surfers. Read our guide to Essaouira surfing holidays to find out more.

Sidi Kaouki

At around 25 km south of Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki is a popular spot with varied surfing suitable for all levels. The town has a relaxed vibe, it’s emerging surf scene has started to attracted international travellers. It has a nice long beach break that works well for beginners and more experienced surfers.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots Imessouane


At just 15 minutes from Taghazout, Imsouane is a small town that is home to a bustling fishing community. The surf scene has a hippie feel to it, and overall the town has not yet embraced large scale tourism. The surfing here is very consistent with the right hander renowned as one of the longest in Africa.


Tamri, located between Imsouane and Taghazout, is one of the best Moroccan surf spots. The waves here are consistent and it’s the place to go if the swell is not working in Taghazout. It’s home to the infamous Boiler’s Break, an epic speed wall with a difficult entrance and exit suitable for experienced surfers only.

Although it is the bigger town, Tamri does not have the surf vibe of Taghazout. However, it is less touristy – and much less surfy – so it is a good place to stay if you want a more authentic Moroccan experience without all those pesky surfers…..

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots tamri pumping Image by Mustapha Elbaz


The undisputed king of surfing in north Africa is Taghazout – this guide to Morocco surfing holidays wouldn’t be complete without it! Surfers from around the world come here for the waves and the vibes. This small fishing village has almost been taken over by surfers creating a great buzz in town.

Within walking distance of the town there are plenty of waves for everyone, from the complete beginner surfer through to experts. Anchor point is world famous for its long fast barrels and Panoramas is an often overlooked and much quieter break that still delivers.

Our favourite though has to be Hash Point which is mellow but very rewarding. Deriving its name from a crew who got far too stoned to tackle anything heavy, and/or were to hammered to walk to Anchors this is one of the best Morocco surfing spots.

hash point one of the best moroccan surf spots. Image courtesy of surf berbere

If a Taghazout surfing holiday sounds perfect for you then we recommend Surf Berbere. They offer a weeks stay for just £390/€540. This includes three meals a day, accommodation, surf lessons, a guide, all the surf gear, airport and beach transfers, and a guaranteed good time.

surf berbere logoIf you like to start or and your day with spot of yoga Surf Berbere run regular sessions to help you limber up for hitting the water, or the town. They don’t just offer week long stays and can tailor any visit to your requirements.

And with 14 excellent breaks, including both Tamri and Imsouane, within 15 minutes in our opinion Taghazout tops this list of the best Moroccan surf spots. From Bananas to Mysteries, Anchor Point to Killer Point – named after the Orca whales that visit – read our comprehensive guide to Taghazout surfing holidays to find out more.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots anchor point Image by Surf Berbere


Having embraced mainstream tourism in the 60s and 70s, Agadir is probably the best known of Morocco’s package holiday destinations. As such it is not the most attractive of cities, it’s also a far cry from authentic Morocco, and the surf is pretty poor compared to the nearby riches of Taghazout.

There are some good beginner waves from the beach break, plus the right at Anza can get quite good. But it’s main draw is the proximity to Taghazout which offer the best Moroccan surf spots, the closest of which are just 11 km north. Find out more by reading our guide to Agadir surfing holidays.


Mirleft is great if you want to visit a village that is undeveloped and untouched by tourism. The beaches here are stunning and sit below cliffs. There are beach, point and reef breaks in the area spread over five beaches. Swell is pretty consistent, often reaching two meters and is best with an easterly wind.

Guide to Morocco surfing holidays: 10 best Moroccan surf spots mirleft beach by Surf Berbere

Sidi Ifni

Located in the far south of Morocco Sidi Ifni had warm weather year round. There are around ten decent breaks making this one of the best Moroccan surf spots. To reach most you need a car or boat, but accessible from town the main wave is a long right wall, there are also two lefts and a beach break.


We were not sure whether to include Dakhla in this guide to Morocco surfing holidays, as it’s in the far south of the Moroccan Sahara/Western Sahara disputed zone. There is ongoing conflict in the area, within Dakhla this is mainly peaceful political protests, but please check the latest travel advice prior to heading there.

Dakhla is on a narrow spit jutting out from the Sahara Desert into the Atlantic. It’s here that one of the greatest deserts meets one of the greatest oceans and is worth visiting just for the scenery. On the inside of the spit is flat water perfect for kite and windsurfing, but on the outside is plenty of surf, with something for surfers of all abilities.

Guide to morocco surfing holidays Flickr creative commons image by eelke dekker

There’s a good right hand break at Dakhla and some beach breaks for beginners. The Point to the north of Dakhla is strong, consistent, fast and often empty – it’s considered the best wave in Western Sahara. Point d’Lor, Ponta Negra and Foum el Bouri are also worth checking out. Read our guide to Dakhla surfing holidays for more information.

Morocco surfing holidays

Hop on a plane to Agadir or Essaouira and focus solely on the surfing, or fly into one of the other cities for a spot of culture first. The proximity of the best Moroccan surf spots to Europe means Morocco is an exotic destination that should be on every surfers list.

surf berbere logoPersonally I think a road trip is in order. If you arrive by boat to Tangier, you’re going to be met with a stifling wave of humanity trying to wrangle money out of you at every turn. Don’t let this put you off though, Morocco is a place bursting with exotic adventure and orientalist beauty, plus there are plenty of surf breaks to explore.

We hope you found this guide to Morocco surfing holidays useful, and that the 10 best Moroccan surf spots have helped you decide where to go. If you decide to head to Taghazout Surf Berbere is a great choice:


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