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Nov 17, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

White water rafting in Morocco lets you reach parts of this incredible country that other tourists never get to see. Of course, Morocco’s rich culture, souks and cities are well worth exploring but it’s this other side to the country that offers the biggest surprises. The magnificent Atlas Mountains make Morocco rafting holidays a unique way of exploring the country’s normally hidden depths.

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The vast gorges of the Ahansal River, rapids and gentler sections combine to make Morocco rafting holidays so special. The reliably warm, sunny weather and majestic scenery create great rafting conditions. And, at the end of your rafting experience, you can spend a couple of days exploring the cities and markets of Morocco.

Situated in North Africa, Morocco is dominated by the huge Atlas Mountains. The Ahansal River gathers water from the mountains and carries it downstream carving gorges through the rocks, creating stunning rafting scenery.

White water rafting Morocco

In the High Atlas you’ll pass through Berber territory, a traditional North African people who have called this landscape home for millennia. Experience authentic Berber hospitality along the way as you camp in villages that have remained unchanged for generations. Down river in the Middle Atlas, you’ll pass villages and towns rich in Moroccan tradition but don’t take your eyes off the water for too long as there are some big stretches of rapids to negotiate.

Expect to raft for about four to five hours a day, broken down into smaller two or three hour segments on the water. It’s important to think about the sunshine too as it can get very hot, so sunscreen and protective clothing is essential. Although it can get cold at nights so bring some warmer gear too.

The Ahansal is the main rafting river in Morocco. Journey up into the Atlas Mountains to your star point. With the rapids coming thick and fast – including Wee Stinky, The Squeeza, Jungle Corridor and more – it’s an exhilarating river. Rock the Kasbah, the largest rapid on most Ahansal trips is worth the trip in itself.

The Ahansal Gorge is an incredible place to camp, and most trips will finish up in or close to Bin El Ouidane. At just three hours from Marrakech, it’s a convenient and easily accessed rafting trip, especially considering the remoteness of the upstream locations.

The best time of year for Morocco rafting holidays is usually between January and March although some trips outside these times are also well worth it.

As we’ve mentioned, rafting on Morocco’s rivers gives a very different insight into the country, far removed from the bustle of the inner cities and markets. Prepare yourself for a huge contrast between the Morocco of popular imagination and the one you’ll experience on your remote rafting trip. Although allowing some time at the start or end of your trip to experience ‘classic’ Morocco is also strongly advised.

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