Guide to Mexico kitesurfing holidays

Nov 09, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

Mexico kitesurfing holidays offer the perfect mix of lovely weather, great wind and fantastic holiday destination. Most of the kitesurfing on the Caribbean side of Mexico is based from Cancun south to the Island of Cozumel. On the Pacific side of Mexico it’s mainly the around Baja Peninsula.

A guide to Mexico kitesurfing holidays Flickr image by plbateman

Mexico kitesurfing holidays

Temperatures in Mexico are steady all year round at 24 to 30 degrees. It is this consistent climate which keeps the water temperature in the Caribbean and Pacific at a bath like 26 degrees, so you will not need to bring a wetsuit. Although in the winter months the wind coming from the North can make it feel a little cool.

Mexico has a fantastic tourist infrastructure with accommodation ranging from budget to five star. Away from kitesurfing there is a lot to keep you busy including Aztec ruins, rainforests, the cenote cave system and mountains –Pico de Orizaba reaches over 5600m.

Not forgetting the many other activities you can enjoy. Ranging from world class scuba diving and surfing to hiking, mountain biking and paragliding. In many ways Mexico has it all which is is why it’s such a popular holiday destination.

A guide to Mexico kitesurfing holidays Flickr image by Pierce Martin

Mexico kitesurfing holidays: Caribbean coast

The wind along the east coast of Mexico is controlled by the Caribbean trade winds which pretty much blow up or down the cost(NE – SE) depending on the season. The average wind speed is 15-20mph making it worth taking mid size kites 10m and 12m.

From Cancun to Cozumel there are a lot of spots along this part of the coastline to try out on Mexico kitesurfing holidays. You will find flat water in many locations due to the outer reefs and the sand banks.

The Country club is a popular launching beach on Cozumel. You can fly directly into the Cozumel International Airport; however you may find that Cancun airport is cheaper.

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In the Cancun area you would be best to be looking at all inclusive hotels to take care of your needs. There are plenty which adorn the beach fronts and range in prices to suit most budgets.

Mexico kitesurfing holidays: Pacific coast

On west side of the country the Pacific Ocean batters the coast with surf which is great for wave riding. Although behind the protection of the Baja Peninsula you’ll find plenty of flat water, with Baja being one of the most popular destinations for Mexico kitesurfing holidays.

At La Ventana, the unique conditions caused by the peninsula creates one of the most consistently windy places in the world. In combination with the beautiful clear waters and it’s obvious what lures people here every year.

Guide to Mexico kitesurfing holidays in Baja Flickr image by Pierce Martin

Kitesurfing has taken a while to get here and you will still find wide open beaches which are quiet with no crowds. You can fly to La Paz Airport which is about 30 minutes north of the kite spot.

For Baja it’s worth hiring a 4×4 to help you visit a range of kite spots. Accommodation is a little cheaper on this side of the country so you could make it a bit of a road trip for the ultimate Mexico kitesurfing holidays.

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