Guide to Megeve ski and snowboard holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc

Aug 31, 2022 BY Luke Rees

Like skiing or snowboarding in a chic resort with a large and varied ski area? Then read this guide to Megeve ski and snowboard holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc.

Guide to Megeve ski and snowboard holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc

Megeve was the first custom built ski resort in Europe and has a reputation for being exclusive, expensive, and not the most extreme. Before reviewing snowboarding in Megeve, I thought it was a place for rich people to ski for a bit, look good in their expensive gear and do some Parisian style shopping. However, Megeve has a lot more to it than that.

Ski and snowboard holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc

The resorts of Megeve, St Gervais Mont-Blanc, Saint Nicolas, Combloux and Les Contamines, provide access to 445km of pistes in the Evasion Mont Blanc ski area. It is not entirely lift-linked but there are free buses going where the chairs, gondola’s and drags don’t. With the vast majority of the piste nicely interconnected and easy to explore.

There are six snowparks suitable for everyone from beginner freestyler to expert. While the snowparks are perhaps not quite extensive enough for a dedicated park rat or pro, there is plenty to keep wannabe freestylers entertained during Megeve ski and snowboard holidays.

Megeve is located at 1,020m and the slopes range from 1,113 up to 2,350m. So it is a relatively low ski area making it more prone to poor conditions than other resorts. On the plus side nearly all of the pistes are below the tree line making it picturesque and less affected by poor weather. Plus the slopes are grass covered making them safer for off piste.

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The pistes here are not that extreme. There are some black pistes and some steeper off-piste but it is a far cry from nearby Chamonix. But the people who ski here are not looking for extreme. On a powder day enthusiastic freeriders will have the slopes to themselves for a few hours. Furthermore, the off-piste does not quickly get tracked out.

Guide to Megeve town and history

Created in the 1920s by Baroness Noémie de Rothschild, Megeve is the French alternative to Saint-Moritz in Switzerland. She had become disenchanted with the Swiss resort and decided to create a French version for the rich and famous.

She did a very good job, it still has an exclusive vibe, however it is no longer just a rich person’s playground. Interestingly the Rothschild’s still play a part in Megeve, regularly attending events and helping to maintain its allure.

You only have to spend a few minutes walking around Megeve to realise it is a little different. Most purpose built resorts lack a central focus and a feeling of community. Instead Megeve has elegant Parisian style buildings on car-free streets that draw you towards the central square with a giant Christmas tree and attractive church.

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The streets are lined with shops (actually let’s call them boutiques) of which there are more than 200. The square is lively with stalls selling Vin Chaud. Cosy bars and Michelin starred restaurants spill out onto the streets making for a really nice atmosphere.

Overall Megeve has the feeling of a town tourists will visit not just for ski and snowboard holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc. There are spas, events and plenty of activities to get involved in particularly for families that ski in Megeve.

Guide to Megeve ski accommodation

Megeve doesn’t really do budget accommodation. It is not the kind of resort to attract students or those looking for bargain basement ski and snowboard holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc. That said, prices for its three to five star hotels are no more expensive than other French resorts.

There are plenty of chalets which range from good to incredible. So you can easily rent a luxury chalet in Megeve that offers beautiful views, gourmet food and private spa facilities.

It is easy to rent a luxury chalet in Megeve

There are self catering options for those who prefer to cook for themselves but none of the big UK tour operators run trips here. So check out the Megeve specialists Stanford Skiing, they offer package holidays and short ski breaks in the area at very reasonable rates.

Guide to Megeve: Food and drink

As a destination loved by Parisiennes, and never busy outside of the Paris region holidays, it is no surprise that the food and drink options are rather good. On the mountain you have the Megeve Folie Douce where the apres party can be banging, but in a less wild and more sophisticated way than Folie’s elsewhere.

In town there are lots of bars that are more aimed for cosy romantic drinking than downing pints with chasers. Expect swanky cocktails, artisan beers and of course plenty of French wine. In many venues if you order beer you’ll be the odd one out.

There are a few nightclubs open into the small hours if you want to party. But you should dress to impress rather than rock up in your ski gear. And expect to pay a small fortune for a round. There is even a casino in Megeve if you like to place some bets.

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Megeve ski holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc

To conclude this guide to Megeve ski and snowboard holidays in Evasion Mont Blanc we feel it is a great resort to visit. There is a very different vibe to other French ski areas which is great for families, couples and those who like the chic clique. While it can be expensive it doesn’t have to be, although it is not a resort you can do on a budget.

The skiing and snowboarding is very good with a huge ski area offering plenty of variety. It is not ideal for extreme freeriders, park rats or those who want to blast blacks all day, but it offers enough challenge for most people. On a powder day it can be a lot of fun with quiet slopes and untracked lines to be had all day.

Check out this ski holiday in Megeve to book a trip. 

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