Guide to Marrakech mountain biking holidays: Best MTB in Morocco?

Oct 16, 2019 BY Luke Rees

In this guide to Marrakech mountain biking holidays we look at basing yourself in the city for a riding holiday. And we ask the all important question does this offer the best MTB in Morocco?

Visiting Marrakech for mountain biking

Nestled beneath the watchful snow capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is Morocco’s fourth largest city. By basing yourself in the city, or it’s suburbs, you are in the cultural centre of this North African country.

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Back in 2011 Marrakech was voted the ‘must visit’ destination by British Airways customers. What most voters wouldn’t have known is that the city is within reach of great Moroccan MTB.

Known the Ochre City, Marrakesh has an ancient history as a trading nexus and was the former capital of Morocco. Jemaa el Fna is one of the busiest squares in the world bustling with authentic Moroccan stalls and entertainers.

The Souks, ornamental gardens and the Bahia Palace are all within walking distance within the Medina – the old walled city. Culturally it is so different to the west that it’s well worth visiting during Marrakech mountain biking holidays.

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Within the Medina visitors can find lodging at many Riad’s in heart of the city and close to everything. Often ornately decorated, Riad’s showcase the traditional with a modern and often luxurious twist. 

There are also plenty of hotels outside the Medina. Ranging from the budget-conscious to five star luxurious palaces (some literally were palaces in the past). These hotels offer much more than just a soft bed to rest in plus they are closer to the riding.

Guide to Marrakech mountain biking holidays

If you are looking for the best MTB in Morocco you are in luck. Near to Marrakech is some of the most remarkable mountain biking terrain in North Africa.

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The rugged Atlas mountains to the northeast of Marrakesh are perfect for mountain biking. The sport has entrenched itself in the region and has become a popular day trip for action-oriented visitors to the city. 

Directly south of Marrakesh, the Draa River Valley is a lush gateway to the magnificent Sahara Desert. Here, bike trails take you through storybook desert oases and unforgettable palm groves.

Thousands of miles of single track crisscross hillsides, valleys and plateaus in the area. There are also fat-biking tours in the Sahara Desert and various electric mountain bike adventures to be had.

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If you are a keen mountain biker then you can join an eight-day excursion into the wilderness for probably the best MTB in Morocco. Freeride Morocco offer fully supported single track adventures into the Atlas Mountains.

Whether you are looking for day trips or a multi day adventure there is plenty of uplift options to avoid serious uphill pedalling. And if you base yourself in the city you can explore timeless Marrakesh when not in the saddle.

Morocco MTB infrastructure

Serving the increasing demand, plenty of companies offer bike rentals. There are also many guided tours among indigenous villages dotting the Atlas foothills. Electric mountain biking tours are also available in the Atlas mountains and around Marrakech itself.

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You’ll find trips suitable for all skill levels. There are easy non-technical tours suitable for families and beginners. Or challenging single track with long technical descents for more experienced mountain bikers.

You can of course bring your own wheels, but there are operators with top quality bikes to hire. This is often easier and cheaper than flying in your own bike. For example Atlas Sports offers Cannondale enduro bikes for €40 a day or €210 for a week.

Best MTB in Morocco?

On Marrakech mountain biking holidays you can experience everything from extreme MTB to relaxed meanderings through friendly villages. There are many lovely riad’s and hotels to choose from in the city often at very reasonable prices.

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So while Marrakech itself is not a great place to ride a bike – too flat, busy and crazy – the surrounding countryside offers amazing options. Which is why we feel Marrakech provides some of the best MTB in Morocco. Plus of course there is plenty to see and do in the city itself. 

We hope you found this guide to Marrakech mountain biking holidays useful. Before booking check out our Morocco discounts as you could save a fortune on your next adventure.

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