Guide to Majorca rock climbing holidays

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Majorca is one of the best rock climbing destinations in Europe. There are great climbing sites all over the island, and many of them are easy to get to from Palma. Palma, or Palma de Mallorca, is the attractive, laid-back capital city of Majorca. It is a world away from the brash nightlife and busy beaches found in some places on the island. Take a majorca rock climbing trip and discover the island’s rocks and ridges.

Palma De Mallorca Rock Climbing flickr image by fraboof

There are many good sport climbing locations close to Palma. Sa Gubia is the island’s largest crag, and a big draw for climbers. The rock forms a huge natural amphitheatre, with well over a hundred routes – and the potential for more! Sa Gubia is a little bit lacking at the hardest grades, but that’s no problem – it’s a short hop over to Fraguel crag, where you’ll find some really challenging climbing.

Much of the climbing in Mallorca happens in the Tramuntana mountains in the north-west of the island. The area is home to the highest mountains on Mallorca, and with them, its most dramatic scenery. The area is much less built up than the area around Palma, but still easy to access from the city. Expect tough sport climbs and incredible views. Cooler weather than in the south makes the area a good summer climbing destination.

If you’re after deep water soloing, head just south of the city to Porto Pi. This is a well-established and attractive crag offering a good choice of routes for climbers of all abilities. Other good deep water soloing sites can be found around the coast – Mallorca’s coastal geography lends itself well to it.

Take a Majorca rock climbing trip and stay in Palma and you’ll find yourself in one of Europe’s most attractive cities, surrounded by some of it’s best climbing. Why wait?

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