Guide to Lisboa windsurfing holidays in Portugal: Windsurf spots in Lisbon

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Want to know about the top windsurf spots in Lisbon? Then read this guide to Lisboa windsurfing holidays in Portugal.

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Portugal’s energetic, attractive capital has many things to offer its visitors. Great food, good weather, warm local’s and reasonable prices make Lisbon a popular holiday destination.

Lisboa windsurfing holidays in Portugal

But did you know Lisbon is also great for windsurfing? With its Atlantic coastline, great beaches and reliable winds, Lisbon has some of the best windsurfing in Europe.

There are several beaches in the Lisboa area that offer windsurfers plenty of thrills and spills. The Atlantic trade winds blow strong, and when the swell gets up, you’ll get some outstanding wave-sailing.

Although you can windsurf around Lisboa for most of the year, the best conditions are in the summer months, when the winds are strongest and the swells smaller. In winter, the swells often get up to un-sailable heights (for most people).

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Windsurf spots in Lisbon

Here are the top spots to visit during Lisboa windsurfing holidays in Portugal:


The most central of the windsurf spots in Lisbon, Cascais offers flat water ideal for beginners, freestyle, slalom and speed riding. It is a popular beach with Lisbon’s well to do people, so a good spot to people watch.

Guincho Beach

Guincho Beach lies just outside the city of Lisbon, on the Estoril Coast. The beach has hosted the PWA (Windsurfing World Cup) in the past, and is a favourite with windsurfers from across Europe.

The beach is wide and long, and the wind means there are few bathers – so windsurfers and other watersports fans have the water to themselves. Like most of Lisboa’s beaches, Guincho offers fantastic wave-sailing.

There is some flatter, calmer water near the shore, which beginners can take advantage of. Windsurf schools tend to take beginners to other nearby beaches if the wind is too strong at Guincho.

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Costa da Caparica (Praia da Rainha)

Lisboa windsurfing holidays in Portugal are not complete without a visit to Costa da Caparica and Praia da Rainha where waves reach 2m. It is the most popular spot in Lisbon with clean sands and stunning views.

Conditions tend to be similar to Guincho, with plenty of waves and wind. Although often the swell is not as clean as you’ll find at Guincho. It is a long beach and windsurf schools will take direct you to a spot suited to your ability.

Cova do Vapor Porto

Around the corner into the river from Costa da Caparica you’ll find Cova do Vapor Porto. It offers moderate conditions and is a great choice when the white water is too wild elsewhere. The beach is not that clean so not many bathers visit.

It’s one of the most popular windsurf spots in Lisbon with the locals for freestyle and freeride in the summer. The launch is from a small beach east of the harbour. Conditions are flat but current and chop increase further out.

There are also great spots further up and down the coast. So take a Lisboa windsurfing holiday in Portugal. Not only will you discover an excellent city but one of windsurfing’s best-kept secrets.

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