Guide to Kenya paragliding holidays

May 17, 2016 BY AWE365 Team

Kenya is a stunning place to paraglide. The Great Rift Valley, miles of gorgeous coastline and fertile green highlands are just some of the country’s natural attractions and provide an incredible backdrop for Kenya paragliding holidays.

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Kenya paragliding holidays: Inland

The Great Rift Valley area is a favourite with paragliders. It is easy to see why. This deep volcanic valley is scattered with little villages, fields, forests and lakes that make for unforgettable views. It is even possible to do a paragliding safari here: spotting the area’s varied wildlife from the air.

The Kerio Valley is the most popular spot for paragliding in the Rift Valley. It is home to 100km of ridgeline, and the location of numerous world records. Those who have their own wing and flying experience can get a local guide to take them well off the beaten track. But beginners are catered for too!

The best time to visit is between December and March, when the weather is dry and the winds are strong.

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Kenya paragliding holidays: Coast

Another option is to head for the coast for Kenya paragliding holidays. Kenyan beach resort such as Diani Reef and Whitesands near Mombasa are popular with western tourists looking for sun, sea and sand. The Kenyan coast offers a whole range of activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling, fishing, sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

But for Paragliders it’s Mombasa’s proximity to hilly areas, such as the Shimba Hills National Park, that make it a great destination for for Kenya paragliding holidays. From there, you’ll be able to see the Indian Ocean, and all the way to Mount Kilimanjaro.

In areas of the coast without suitable launches they use a winching setup, so you are towed behind a vehicle and attached to a winch for take off. Once you have reached 2000 ft high the winch is disconnected and you are free to simply enjoy the view or hone your acro skills.

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Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro

Of course taking off from one of the world’s highest freestanding mountains, such as Mount Kenya or Kilimanjaro (just across the border in Tanzania), would be a dream come true for many paragliders. While it is possible, and has been done, both are currently banned

Occasionally, though, the ban on Kilimanjaro is lifted for groups of paragliders wanting to raise money for charity. Paragliding from the top of Africa and the highest freestanding mountain on the planet would be incredible.

Kenya paragliding holidays are a great opportunity to see some of the world’s most unspoilt, beautiful landscapes from the air.

If you fancy having a go at Paragliding in Kenya we recommend you check out who offer cross country trips, tandem flights and lessons. They also provided the pictures for this article.


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