Guide to Indonesia kitesurfing holidays

Nov 26, 2015 BY AWE365 Team

Indonesia has some seriously impressive beaches. Rich jungle reaches down to long sweeps of white sand, lapped by clear blue water. From busy party beaches to remote, empty island beaches: Indonesia has them all. And plenty of those beaches have plenty of wind perfect for Indonesia kitesurfing holidays.

Indonesia kitesurfing holidays Flickr image by Peter Kaminski

Indonesia is a collection of over 17,500 islands. So there are a lot of beaches and a lot of places you can kitesurf. This guide can’t talk about all the Indonesia kitesurfing spots but should act as a top level summary of the kite opportunities in the world’s 4th most populated country.

Indonesia kitesurfing holidays: Destinations

Indonesia’s favourite tourist destination is Bali, a gorgeous island with a rich culture all of its own, is also most popular for Indonesia kitesurfing holidays. You can stay in the main tourist resort of Kuta in everything from luxury hotels to cheap guest houses, or chill out barefoot style on the island’s more remote northern coast.

All around Bali are beaches suitable for kitesurfing, but the best is the aptly named Kite Beach. The beach has been built up artificially with sand to make it easier to get to the water at low tide, and there are plenty of kitesurfing schools around. There is a shallow lagoon for beginners and waves beyond that, find out more by visiting:

Indonesia kitesurfing holidays image courtesy of Bali Kitesurf

Nearby Kuta is perfect for wave kiting, although conditions can be tough for the inexperienced. This is Bali’s party capital with bars open all night and many Australians treating it like us Europeans treat Ibiza or Tenerife.

There is, though, more to Indonesia than Bali. The adjacent Island of Lombok has a few schools including in the Gili Islands an ever popular backpacker destination. Further east Rinca, the Komodo Islands and Flores all offer idyllic tropical beaches and in the past companies have run kitesurfari trips  hunting down top spots.

The Aceh region, on the island of Sumatra, has several popular kite camps – for example Seabreeze – that draw visitors from around the world, with golden beaches and wind up to 25 knots. The stunning Riau Islands are another good choice. The island of Bintan has hosted international kitesurfing competitions.

Image courtesy of Seabreeze Kite Club

We’ve heard talk of good kitesurfing in out of the way destinations such as Palu in Sulawesi, which is known as one of the windiest places in the world. Also kitesurfing is fairly popular in the Malaysian part of Borneo, so it stands to reason there are spots in Kalimantan – the Indonesian portion of the Island – that are yet to be found.

While a lot of Indonesia is not rammed with kite schools this does not mean you can not kitesurf, there is plenty of water, plenty of wind and in some places also great surf. If you are an experienced kitesurfer, with your own gear, then Indonesia kitesurfing holidays can be a voyage of discovery.

Indonesia kitesurfing holidays: When to visit

Indonesia kitesurfing holidays are at their best during the dry season from May to September – this is also when the wind is at its strongest and most consistent. But Indonesia is a fantastic kitesurfing destination all year round, with lots of beautiful beaches, reliable wind and plenty of resorts large and small.

Head to Indonesia for a kitesurfing holiday and discover this tropical paradise for yourself, who knows you may find the next big kitesurfing destination.

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