Guide to Ilha Do Guajiru kiteboarding holidays

Jan 29, 2014 BY AWE365 Team

Ilha do Guajiru is a relatively new kite spot has emerged in the state of Ceara. Only 2 hours North of Fortaleza and near the town of Itarema is beach called Praia da Barra. Just recently kiters have discovered a large flatwater oceanic lagoon perfect for Ilha do Guajiru kitesurfing holidays.

ilha do guajiru kitesurfing holidays image courtesy of Windy Addiction

It started as a local fishing to moor boats in the calm waters, but since 2005 kiters have been visiting and the spot now hosts 10 pousadas, 8 restaurants and the biggest lagoon in all Ceara. With wind starting in June and ending in late February, you are guaranteed to have a windy stay here.

The flat water and shallow bottom have made it a great attraction for beginner kitesurfers looking to learn and the steady side-onshore winds make a great place for intermediates and pros to practice new tricks. No matter what your level, if you are looking for a less developed spot where you can relax with friends without the noise of a big city, then Ilha do Guajiru is where you want to be.

Some kiters have been so impressed with the spot and wind conditions that the phrase “Dreams do come true in Ilha do Guajiru” is quite common. There are 3-4 well established kitesurf schools including Windy Addiction and around 10 pousadas offering a range of room types for various budgets. The average price is 80R for single person and 150R for 2 persons. Beers will cost around 2-3 Euros with dinners going for 10-15 Euros.

The fact that the location is new is also why people love it, lots of space, over 5 sq km of kiting and land on 3 sides… meaning Ilha do Guajiru kitesurfing holidays are almost perfect.

Brazil, Ilha Do Guajiru, South America

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