Guide to Hong Kong skydive holidays

Aug 31, 2017 BY AWE365 Team

Hong Kong skydive holidays have changed a great deal since the governance of the island was handed over from the UK to China. The skydiving club , with the drop zone at Sek Kong Airfield, has closed meaning skydiving in Hong Kong is no longer possible.

Hong Kong Skydiving Flickr image by Ryan Harvey

A Hong Kong skydive may no longer be possible, however there is fairly easy access to drop zones in mainland China and the rest of Southeast Asia. Flight connections from Hong Kong are excellent and fairly cheap meaning you can quickly reach alternative skydive destinations.

Hong Kong skydive holidays: Alternatives

The nearest drop zone is at Beijing Shahe Airport in the Changping District called China GreatSky Skydiving Club. This drop zone is the home of the National Skydiving Team of China and offers both tandem and static line jumps.

Another option for visitors to Hong Kong is to travel to other destinations in South East Asia such as Pattaya, Thailand. The company running skydiving out of Pattaya offers tandem jumps and full training for those with no previous experience. It’s also a great place to take an AFF course.

Also in Thailand you can skydive in Sakorn Nakorn Province, based out of Saimun Airfield. Here it is possible to do AFF, single line and tandem jumps whilst staying at an all-inclusive extreme sports resort. This area is known for its mild weather conditions making it perfect for jumps year round.

Malaysia is also a relatively nearby option with drop zones in Sabah and Sarawak with AFF, single line and tandem jumps. You will find a wide variety of companies operating here.

You may not be able to skydive in Hong Kong anymore, but if you are there and hankering for some airtime then check out the above alternatives. Be sure to check out our other skydiving articles for more options.

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