Guide to Guadeloupe windsurfing holidays

Jun 18, 2013 BY auto

The Caribbean island of Guadeloupe is a stunning volcanic island surrounded by gorgeous sandy beaches and deep blue sea. It is French-owned, and lies in the Leeward Islands chain, north of Dominica and south of Antigua. It catches the Atlantic trade winds for nine months of the year, and has a varied coastline, creating good, varied conditions. Take a Guadeloupe windsurfing trip and see for yourself…

Guadeloupe Windsurfing Flickr image by Racoon3000

The main island of Guadeloupe is butterfly shaped, and almost two separate islands. One wing is Grande Terre (to the east), and the other Basse Terre (to the west). There are several other smaller islands but most of the action takes place on the main island. Grand Terre tends to get more waves and stronger winds, but there are some good spots on Grand Terre too.

Sainte Francois, on the southern side of Grande Terre, is one of the most popular tourist areas and one of the best areas for windsurfers. There are several local windsurf schools to choose from and good conditions for all. There is a calm lagoon that is perfect for beginners. Outside the lagoon, there are big waves that will challenge experts. Just a little way down the coast is Sainte Anne, a busy tourist town which catches some great winds.

To the north of Grande Terre is Le Moule. This is a great wave spot which attracts plenty of surfers as well as windsurfers. It can get busy and can be tough…but it’s a good challenge for those with the skills to handle it.

There are good windsurfing spots for sailors of all levels all around the islands. A Guadeloupe windsurfing holiday offers everyon the chance to get out in the wind.

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