Guide to Greece windsurfing holidays

May 06, 2017 BY AWE365 Team

Greek windsurf holidays have been popular for many years for many reasons. In this guide to Greece windsurfing holidays we look at where to go and when to visit. We’ll also discuss why Greece is one of Europe’s favourite holiday destinations.

Greece has seemingly endless islands and beaches to explore, sun pretty much all year round, and a laid-back Mediterranean vibe. It attracts plenty of party people and sunbathers. But it also attracts many who want to make the most of the country’s gorgeous deep blue sea and picture-perfect bays.

Greece windsurfing holidays Flickr image by robertsharp

Greece windsurfing holidays

Greece has plenty of holiday resort watersports operators willing to hire out gear and offer lessons to beginners. But there is much more to the Grecian windsurf scene than that. There are some great spots for serious windsurfers too.

It is the Cyclades Islands, in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey, that offer the best wind in Greece. There is some world-class windsurfing to be found on their shores. From June to September, the strong Meltemi wind keeps windsurfers moving.

Rhodes is the largest of the Cyclades Islands and one of the best windsurfing destinations. Ixia Bay, on the north-west of the island, catches the best wind. The water starts flat in the mornings for beginners’ lessons. By afternoon, the wind has grown to create plenty of chop and swell for jumping.

Nearby Paros is another popular destination, which regularly hosts world cup competitions. To the south, the island of Karpathos offers the best winds in Greece and beautiful, unspoilt surroundings.

On the west coast of Greece, the Ionian island of Lefkada is a favourite. The town of Vassiliki is famous for its perfect local conditions. Mornings are flat and gentle, perfect for beginners. In the afternoon, the wind changes direction and gets much stronger, creating a playground for advanced surfers to do their thing.

On Greece windsurfing holidays you can enjoy the country’s warm welcome, lovely beaches, great food and excellent wind.


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