Guide to Greece kitesurfing trips: 5 of the best Greek kitesurf spots

Dec 29, 2022 BY Luke Rees

Kitesurfing in Greece should be on most kitesurfers wish-lists as the best Greek kite spots include some of the top destinations in Europe. Read this guide to Greece kitesurfing trips to find out where to go, when to visit and what to expect.

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Greece kitesurfing guide: Contents

Guide to Greece kitesurfing trips

Greece is a popular holiday destination with lots to discover on and off the water. The weather is great, beaches are beautiful, food very tasty and the locals are welcoming. Plus when you travel in Greece there is plenty of interesting culture to explore.

Why kitesurf in Greece?

But for kitesurfers it is all about the wind! Luckily both thermal and katabatic winds, created by mountains, lead to some very reliable excellent conditions.

Greece kitesurfing trips can work for all levels of riders. You can find shallow, flat warm waters and white sandy beaches with kite schools perfect for beginners. Or some of the top high wind destinations for experts and pros wishing to strut their stuff.

Guide to Greece kitesurfing trips in Lemnos by planet kitesurf

Added to all of this Greece has a great tourist infrastructure. There are accommodation options for every budget. With everything from plush villas in Santorini to camp sites on the coast near Athens. Restaurants, bars, entertainment and the airport and ferry infrastructure are all very good.

When to go on a Greek kitesurf trip?

Spring, summer and autumn are the best times to kiteboard in Greece. The weather is better and the number of windy days is much higher. That said winter storms can create epic conditions, with some wave riding, but it’s not the tourist season so much will be closed.

From April to November the average daytime temperatures are above 15°C and during the summer it is regularly in the 30s. The average sea temperature is above 15°C year round and is in the 20s from June to November.

Except during winter you will only need a short wetsuit at the best Greek kitesurf spots. And during the peak of the summer you can get away with board shorts with a rash vest.

Guide to Greece kitesurfing trips in Nafplion near athens by Radical Kite

5 of the best Greek kitesurf spots

There are great spots dotted around the vast mainland coastline. Mix that up with the copious amounts of islands to be explored, and you can create Greece kitesurfing trips that suit your needs.

Below are five of the best Greek kitesurf spots to get you started. There are plenty of other great kite destinations to enjoy, perhaps let us know your favourites in the comments section at the bottom.

Pounda, Paros

Paros is included on this list of the best Greek kitesurf spots as it is part of the GKA world tour. There is a shallow sandy beach with no obstacles that is great for everyone from beginner to pro.

Consistent cross shore winds of 12 to 35 knots are found four to five days a week. The high season is from May through to September when the thermal winds crank up. Water is warm so you can ride in just shorts and a vest during the summer.

Pounda in Paros one of the Best greek kite spots flickr CC image courtesy of Rebecca

Milos, Lefkada

Attached to the mainland by a bridge is Lefkada. This kitesurf spot at Milos is quite unique in that the wind is produced from the difference in temperature from the mountains and the land at sea level. The water is relatively flat but is quite steeply shelved, so ask the locals about the conditions.

Milos beach kitesurf centre is a great location on Lefkada and they can help to organise your accommodation if required. This is a very family friendly resort with the town of Lefkada just a short drive away.

Prasonisi, Rhodes

Prasonisi has very reliable winds and a good combination of flat water and small waves not far from each other. It’s not a holiday resort, so you won’t have to share the water with lots of tourists, but that does mean there are fewer facilities.

The season runs from May to October with warm water temperatures and with two bay areas to choose between. It is regarded as one of the best kite spots in Europe so had to be included in this guide to Greece kitesurfing trips.

Best greek kite spots flickr image courtesy of Jen Dallas

Marmari, Kos

Close to the resort town of Kos, Marmari has a very different vibe. The Meltemi blows onshore from the north, coming slightly from the right. The season stretches from May to October but the best time to kite is between June and September.

The wind is lighter in the morning and builds through the day. The stronger afternoon conditions are more suited to advanced riders. The mainly onshore winds mean it is possible to kitesurf the full length of the beach. There can be small waves which are a lot of fun.

Mikri Vigla, Naxos

The Cycladic Islands have plenty of great kitesurfing spots with Naxos the largest. Mikri Vigla is just 12 kilometres from Naxos town and is known as one of the best windsurfing spots in Greece. And what works for windsurfers tends to be good for kitesurfers too.

The wind is mostly on-shore and blows consistently, without many lulls or gusts. The large lagoon is great for beginners to learn on flat water, while more advanced riders can enjoy waves beyond the reef ledge. Kitesurfing here can be enjoyed year round.

Guide to Greece kitesurfing trips pexels royalty free image of kitesurfers in Lefkada, greece

Best of the rest

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to Greece kitesurfing trips. From Santorini to Sigri, Crete to Corfu and Athens to Ios – the list could go on (and on!). There are many Greek holiday destinations where kitesurfing is not just possible but actually very good.

We hope you found this guide to Greece kitesurfing trips useful. Let us know what you feel are the best Greek kitesurf spots in the comments below. And check out our Greece kitesurfing holidays to start planning your next vacation.

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